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A very large manuscript (ca1123 tunes) in the private collection of Peter Law.

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1. Transcriptions as PDF files

2. Index of tunes

3. Roose biographical notes

4. The manuscript

5. Conclusion


The work of transcription has been done by a team of volunteers as follows:-

Tunes #1-35 by Eric Conrad 18-6-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #36-71 by Steve Mansfield 14-6-19 To PDF of this section
Tunes #72-108 by Taz Tarry 10-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #109-143 by Nigel Rainer 26-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #144-178 by Ian Hayden 10-6-19 To PDF of this section
Tunes #179-214 by Roger Hare 28-5-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #215-252 by Quinton Cumbes 6-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #253-289 by Greg Bradfield-Smith  PDF of this section
Tunes #290-324 by Mike Hicken 5-6-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #325-359 by Peter Dunk 31-5-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #360-373 by John Adams 3-6-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #374-392 by David jacobs 10-6-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #393-409 by Rob Watkins 24-6-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #410-429 by M.H.Humphreys 30-5-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #430-446 by John Adams 13-6-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #447-463 by David Jacobs 5-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #464-487 by Peter Kanssen 29-5-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #488-503 By Ruairidh Greig 30-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #504-541 by Rob Lands 15-5-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #542-576 by Roger Hare 26-8-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #577-610 by Peter Kanssen 23-6-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #611-646 by Peter Dunk 11-8-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #647-680 by Mike Hicken 22-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #681-714 by Ian Hayden 19-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #715-749 by Steve Mansfield 3-7-19   To PDF of this section
Tunes #750-785 by Rob Lands 7-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #786-820 by John Gibbons 10-9-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #821-854 by Eric Conrad 31-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #855-890 by Greg Bradfield-Smith  To PDF of this section
Tunes #891-905 by John Adams 9-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #906-925 by Edmund Spriggs 4-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #926-961 by Peter Kansen 16-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #962-997 by Steve Mansfield 25-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #998-1015 by David Jacobs 16-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1016-1033 by John Adams 11-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1034-1051 by Quinton Cumbes 18-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1052-1069 by Rob Lands 17-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1070-1081 by Taz Tarry 24-7-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1082-1093 by John Adams 18-9-19  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1094-1105 by Edmund Spriggs  To PDF of this section
Tunes #1106-1120 by Rob Lands  To PDF of this section


This (very long) index will help you to find a tune in the PDF files. Several spellings of some tunes are sometimes given, as are alternative titles.

20th of May Hornpipe.Roose.1115, The
A Trip to Gibralter, Roose.0443
Abbott's Hornpipe. Roose.0978
Adam's Surprise. Roose.0681
Admiral Calder's Hornpipe. Roose.1022
Agreeable Surprise. Roose.0044, The
Air Balloon. Roose.0216, The
Air. Roose.0891
Air. Roose.0893
All Hands Upon Deck. Roose.0261.
Allemande. Roose.0699, The
Allemande. Roose.0701
Alligator Joe. Roose.0778
Andrew and his Cutty Gun. Roose.0459
Andrew Carr. Roose.0150
Anna. Rouse.0101
Antigallisan Dances. Roose 420, The
Anything. Roose.0141
Arcadian Contest. Roose.0164, The
As Sure as a gun. Roose.0545
Ashley's Hornpipe. Roose.0910
Ashley's Ride. Roose.0132
Bachelors Hall. Roose.0580
Back of Change. House Roose.0074
Back of the Change. Roose.0638
Bagattelle. Roose.0160, La
Bailey's Delight, Roose.0438
Balina Mona. Roose.0531
Ball. Roose.0042, The
Balliorum. Roose.0126
Bandy Leg Walk. Roose.0026
Bang up Hornpipe. Roose.1097
Bang up Sir. Roose.0708
Barley Sugur. Roose.0266.
Barnet Races. Roose.0234
Barnsley New Theatre. Roose.0096
Battle of Waterloo. Roose.0651
Bay of Biscay,O. Roose.0905
Beautiful Sally. Roose.0563
Bed Of Roses. Roose.0036, The
Begin the Dance. Roose.0680
Begin the Dance. Rouse.0177
Behind the Bush in the Garden. Roose.0241
Ben Wade's Thatch'd House. Roose.0203
Berwick Reel. Roose.0448, The
Best of Three. Roose.0199
Billy Pitt's Reel. Rouse.0696
Billy Twist's Hornpipe. Roose.1075
Birks of Abergeldy. Reel. Roose. 0639, The
Birks of Inveraray. Roose.0547, The
Birks or.... Roose.0946
Birmingham Lasses. Roose.0050
Black and the Grey. Roose.0522, The
Black Boy's Hornpipe (Altered). Roose.1029
Black Boy's Hornpipe. Roose.1028
Black Dances. Roose.0030
Black Joke. Roose.0007, The
Blanchard's Delight. Roose.0094
Blazing Comet. Roose.0332, The
Blue Bells of Scotland, with variations. Roose.0850
Bonny Bet. Roose.0507
Bonny Brest Notes. Roose.0039
Bonny Kate. Roose.0242
Bonny Lad with his Trousers on. Roose.0172
Bonny Lad. Roose.0022
Bonny Lass of Fishirron. Roose.0162, The
Bonny Lass to Marry Me. Roose.0252, A
Bonny Moon. Roose,0904
Bonny Sailor. Roose.0535, The
Bonupart's Waltz. Roose.0834
Book Case. Roose.0342, The
Boteman's Danse. Roose.0773, De
Bounding Ball. Roose.0781, The
Bow wow wow. Roose.0492
Bower of Roses. Roose 429, The
Boy in the Gap. Roose.0644, The
Boyiers Whim. Roose.0341
Boynun's Delight. Roose.0178
Bradford Hornpipe. Roose.1017
Brags Of Washington. Roose.0054, The
Braze of Tallemirt. Roose.0154, The
Breeches Loose. Roose.0013
Bridgewater Camp. Roose 421
Bridgewater Hornpipe. Roose.0968
Bright Phoebus. Roose.0481
Brown Paper Hornpipe. Roose.0992
Brown's Hornpipe. Rose.1100
Brussels' Gazette.Roose. 0615
Buffalo Gals. Roose.0755
Bundle of Rags. Roose.0147, The
Bung your Eye. Roose.0027
Burford Races. Roose.0231
Burntwood Assembly. Roose.0278
Butcher's Delight. Roose.0090, The
Butchers of Bristol. Roose.0344
Buttered Peas. Roose.0334
Ca[?]damor's Hornpipe. Roose.0892
Cackling Hen. Roose.0305
Cameronion's Rant (A Reel). Roose.0140
Canterbury Tales. Roose.0319
Captain Common's Ramble. Roose.0194
Captain Whyeik. Roose.0712
Careless Sally. Roose.0157
Carnival of Venice. Roose.0035
Cassino. Roose.0010
Castle Down. Roose.0079
Castle Down. Roose.0678
Castle Hornpipe. Roose.0972
Castle's Hornpipe. Roose.1105, The
Catherine Ogge. Roose.0731
Chamson's Hornpipe. Roose.1119
Charms To The Fair. Roose.0288
Cheats Stage. Roose.0279
Chelmsford Races. Roose.0233
Chiling O'Guiry with Variations. Roose.0485
Chimney Sweeper's Hornpipe. Roose.1052
Christmas Tale. Roose.0300, A
Clanrannald's Reel. Roose.0373
Clar De Kitchen. Roose.0739
Clarionet Hornpipe by Wm Abbot. Roose.0960
Coal Black Rose, or.... Roose.0746
Cobler There Was. Roose.0519, A
Cock upon a Wall. Roose.0024
Col. Watson's Quick Step. Roose.0804
Colonel McBean's Reel. Roose.0637
Colonel Robertson Strathspey. Roose.0377
Come Come My Jolly Lads. Roose.0536
Come Darkies Sing. Roose.0762
Come On My Brave Sons. Roose.0509
Comet Waltz. Roose.0809
Comet. Roose.0254, The
Comical Jack. Roose.0038
Confusion to the Bugs. Roose.0017
Contented Shepherd, Roose.0435, The
Cook's Hornpipe. Roose.0990
Cooper's Hornpipe. Roose.1080
Copenhagen Hornpipe. Roose.0952
Corn Riggs are Bonny. Roose.0222
Corney Rigs are Bonny - or.... Roose.0945
Coronation Hornpipe. Roose.1113, The
Cotillion. Roose.0852
Cotillon. Roose.0614, A
Cottillion Dance, Roose.0691, A
Countess of Sunderland Reel. Roose.0347, The
Country Assembly. Roose.0183, The
Country Bumpkin. Roose 415
Cow Keeper. Roose.0286
Crabby Frolics. Roose.0337
Critic. Roose.0687, The
Crooks Hornpipe. Roose 0889
Crookshanks. Roose.0318
Cubits Waltz. Roose.0846
Cuckoo Solo. Roose.0629
Cuddle me Cuddy. Roose.0336
Cupid's Wings. Roose.0058
Cypress Wreath. Roose.0714, The
Dainty Davey. Roose.0071
Dainty Davie. Roose.0647
Dan Tucker. Roose.0775, Ole
Dance in Fanny's Love. Roose.0704
Dance. Roose.0894, A
Dandy Jim From Carolina. Roose.0786
Dartford Camp. Roose.0133
David Swallow's Hornpipe. Roose.0967
De Blue Tail'd Fly. Roose.0788
De Color'd Fancy Ball. Roose.0791
De Dandy Broad Way Swell. Roose.0793
De fine Ole Nigger Gentleman. Roose.0795
De Sugar Cane Green. Roose.0790
Deceivers. Roose.0317, The
Delvin House. Roose.0100
Dermont's Hornpipe. Roose.0984
Devil among the Tailors. Roose.0906
Devil On Two Sticks. Roose.0217, The
Devil's Hop. Roose.0683, The
Diable Hornpipe. Roose 1060, Le
Dibdin's Fancy. Roose.0206
Dicky Gofsip's Hornpipe. Roose.1046
Ding Dong Bell. Roose.0213
Dirty White Apron. Roose.0049
D---l Among The Fiddlers. Roose.0633, The
Do if You Dare, Roose.0439
Doctor. Roose.0329, The
Domino Sampson. Roose.0657
Doncaster Races. Roose.0230
Don't You Know the Muffin Man. Roose.0632
Don't you Teaze Me. Roose.0464
Double Kisses. Roose.0323
Dover Pier. Roose.0244
Downing's Hornpipe. Roose.1048
Dribbles of Brandy. Roose.0325
Drop Of Good Drink. Roose.0269, A
Drops of Brandy. Roose.0227
Drummers. Roose.0055
Drummond Castle Jigg. Roose.0371
Drunk all night and dry in the Morning. Roose.0715
Drunk all night and Dry in the Morning. Roose.0717
Drunken Skipper. Roose.0045, The
Drunken Wives of Fachabers. Roose.0354, The
Drypool Lasses. Roose.0104
Duchess of Brunswick's Reel. Roose.0689, The
Duchess of Gordon's Strathspey. Roose.0359, The
Duchess of York Waltz. Roose.821, The
Ducks dang over me Daddie. Roose.0251, The
Duke of Clair's Fancy. Roose.0169
Duke of Gordon's Reel. Roose.0451
Duke of Gordon's Strathspey. Roose. 0635
Dumfries House. Roose.0268.
Duncan Grey. Roose.0630
Dunkeld Harmitage Reel. Roose.0348
Dunnit's Hornpipe. Roose.1039
Dutchess of York Fancy. Roose.0102
Earl of Loudoin's Strathspey. Roose.0358
Earl St Vincent's Hornpipe.Roose.1116
East Ardsley Hornpipe by John Bedford. Roose.0959
Echoing Horn. Roose.0513, The
Election. Roose.0099, The
Elopement. Roose 416
Emperor of Russia's Waltz. Roose.0808, The
Enchanted Hornpipe. Roose.1107
Eurona. Roose.0124, The
European. Roose 414
Every Inch a Sailor.Roose.0508
Ewe With A Crooked Horn. Roose.0265.
Fair Italian. Roose.0264.
Fal de ral tit. Roose.0497
Faley Shut On Her. Roose.0060
Fanny Blooming Fair. Roose.0004
Fanny the Fair. Roose.0006
Fanny's Hornpipe. Roose.1036
Farewell to Brickyard. Roose.0128
Farewell. Roose.0399, The
Farmer's Hornpipe. Roose.0951
Farmer's Hornpipe. Roose.1093
Favourite. Roose.0896, The
Feathers. Roose.0616, The
Felton's Minuet with Variations. Roose.0586
Ferguson's Hornpipe. Roose.1078
Ferguson's Rant. Roose.0933
Ferry Bridge Hornpipe. Roose.0919
Ferrybridge Hornpipe. Roose.0920
Fields Are Green. Roose.0272, The
Fife Hunt. Roose.0324
Fill The Tankard. Roose.0065
Fir Tree. Roose.0363, The
Fireman's Jigg. Roose.0720,The
Fisher Laddies. Roose.0295
Fisher's Minuet. Roose.0604
Fisher's or ... Roose.0909
Flaggon. Roose.0365, The
Flight. Roose.0098, The
Flowers Of Edinburgh. Roose.0979
Flowing Can. Roose.0517, The
Fly. Roose.0471, The
Follow Her Over The Border. Roose.0379
Fools Minuet. Roose.0600
For Freedom and his Native Land. Roose.0567
Forest, or... Roo.370
Forister's Hornpipe. Roose.1095
Fortune Well,Roose.0441
Four Seasons. Roose.0084, The
Fourpence halfpenny farthing. Roose.0333
Fox Hunter's Jigg. Roose 410
Frasers. Roose.0395, The
Fresh Fish on Friday. Roose.0192
Friend and Pitcher. Roose.0505
Frogmore Farm. Roose 423
Frolic. Roose.0343, The
Galley Slave. Roose.0738, The
Galloping Dreary Dun. Roose.0480
Gallway Girls. Roose.0403
Gardener's Lads. Roose.0895
Garland of Roses. Roose.0298
Garthland Strathspey. Roose.0362
Gavot. Roose.0585
Gee Ho Dobbin. Roose.0003
Get Along Black Man. Roose.0774
Gie the Lasses Mair On't. Roose.0052
Giodian's Minuet. Roose.0596
Gipsey Hornpipe. Roose.0993
Gipsey's Hornpipe. Roose.1037
Glamorganshire Hornpipe. Roose.1027
Glass of Rum. Roose.0316, The
Go to Cow with me Johnny. Roose.0327
Good Morrow to your night Cap. Roose.0548
Gouge Hornpipe. Roose.0981
Graces. Roose.0002, The
Grackney Green. Roose.0023
Grand Parade. Roose.0209, The
Grand Summum Bonum's a bumper of Wine. Roose.0570, The
Grand Turk. Roose.0185
Grandmamma. Roose.0662
Green Sleeves. A Jig. Roose. 0634
Greenwich Hornpipe Roose.0988
Grige; a Strathspey. Roose.0627
Had The Lass While I Get At Her. Roose.0046
Handel's Water Piece. Roose.0490
Happy Clown. Roose.0397
Happy Meeting. Roose.0256, The
Happy Soldier. Roose.0095, The
Hark the Huntsman's Begun. Roose.0553
Harlequin every where. Roose.0196
Harlequin With the Basket & Pipes. Roose.0345
Harlequin's Country Dance. Roose.0710
Harlequin's Gamball Hornpipe. Roose.0907
Harvest Home. Roose.0925
Haste to the Wedding. Roose.0711
Hawk's Humour. Roose.0210, The
Hay Makers. Roose.0015, The
Haymaker's Dance. Roose.0686, The
He that gets a Bonny Wife a little sleep may serve him. Roose.0322
Headon Assembly. Roose.0243
Hearts of Oak. Roose.0571
Heaving of the Lead. Roose.0802, The
Heddington Assembly. Roose.0387, The
Hello you N****r. Roose.0771
Henry and Maria. Roose.0566
Hey To Couper. Roose.0267.
Hey to the Camp. Roose.0456
Heywood Wakes. Roose.0455
High Mettled Racer. Roose.0555, The
Highland Hills Strathspey. Roose.064, The
Highland Man Kifs'd his Mother. Roose.0136
Hob or Nob. Roose.0290
Holbeck Favourite. Roose.0672
Honourable Colonel Wm Henry's Reel. Roose.0389
Honourable George Bairds Strathspey. Roose.0361
Hope Is Still A Fair Deceiver. Roose.0727
Hoppers Hornpipe. Roose.1076, The
Hornpipe By R.(ichard?) Wilcock. Roose.1045
Hornpipe. Roose.0671
Hornpipe. Roose.0922
Hornpipe. Roose.0947
Hornpipe. Roose.0949
Hornpipe. Roose.0958
Hornpipe. Roose.0962
Hornpipe. Roose.0963
Hornpipe. Roose.0964
Hornpipe. Roose.0976
Hornpipe. Roose.0982
Hornpipe. Roose.0985
Hornpipe. Roose.0994
Hornpipe. Roose.0995
Hornpipe. Roose.0996
Hornpipe. Roose.0997
Hornpipe. Roose.1001
Hornpipe. Roose.1002
Hornpipe. Roose.1003
Hornpipe. Roose.1010
Hornpipe. Roose.1011
Hornpipe. Roose.1014
Hornpipe. Roose.1015
Hornpipe. Roose.1016
Hornpipe. Roose.1018
Hornpipe. Roose.1024
Hornpipe. Roose.1025
Hornpipe. Roose.1031
Hornpipe. Roose.1032
Hornpipe. Roose.1041
Hornpipe. Roose.1044
Hornpipe. Roose.1047
Hornpipe. Roose.1049
Hornpipe. Roose.1050
Hornpipe. Roose.1051
Hornpipe. Roose.1056
Hornpipe. Roose.1059
Hornpipe. Roose.1061
Hornpipe. Roose.1062
Hornpipe. Roose.1063
Hornpipe. Roose.1064
Hornpipe. Roose.1065
Hornpipe. Roose.1066
Hornpipe. Roose.1067
Hornpipe. Roose.1068
Hornpipe. Roose.1069
Hornpipe. Roose.1070
Hornpipe. Roose.1083
Hornpipe. Roose.1099
Hornpipe. Roose.1111
Hornpipe. Roose.1112
Hornpipe. Roose.1118
Horse and away to Newmarket. Roose.0195
House that Jack Built. Roose.0656, The
How Drear the night. Roose.0565
How Stands the Glass Around. Roose.0546
How Sweet The Love That Meets Return. Roose.0539
Humours Of Barleginda. Roose.0143
Humours Of Dublin. Roose.0142, The
Humours of Glen. Roose.0558
Hungarian Waltz. Roose.0839
Hunter's Delight. Roose.0212, The
Huntsmen in Friar Bacon. Roose.0804
Hurry. Roose.0097, The
I had rather ride a Mile than walk in dirt. Roose.0409
I Won't Tell You. Roose.0130
I Would If I Could. Roose.0166
I'd think of thee my Love. Roose.0542
I'm Gwoin' Ober de Mountain. Roose.0794
I'm Jolly Dick the Lamplighter. Roose.0491
In Carolina Whar I Woz Born. Roose.0784
In the days we went gypseying. Roose.0851
India Bill. Roose.0168, The
Indian Queen. Roose.0091, The
Indian Waltz. Roose.0818
Inkle and Yarico. Roose.0077
Invercald's Reel. Roose.0283
Invitation. Roose.0538, The
Irish Gimblet. Roose.0059
Irish Girl. Roose.0382
Irish Grove. Roose.0175, The
Irish Lasses. Roose.0737, The
Irish Lilt. Roose.0452
Irish Vauxhall. Roose.0259.
Irish Waterman. Roose.0294, The
Irish Widow. Roose.0302
Isle of Sky. Roose.0182, The
It Will Neber Do Do To Gib It Up So. Roose.0749
I've lost my love and I care not. Roose 0685
Ivy Green. Roose.0721, The
Jack at the Windlass. Roose.0581
Jack Come Kiss Me. Roose.0908
Jack Graces Front. Roose.0275
Jackie Lattin. Roose.0489
Jack's Alive. Roose.0005
Jackson's Dream. Roose.0396
Jamie Choke The Bairn. Roose.0040
Jamies Return. Roose.0155
Jane's Hornpipe. Roose.1055
Jemmy & Nanny. Roose.0559
Jenny Get Your Oat Cake Done. Roose.0768
Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Set No. 3 (#1) Pantalon. Roose.0867
Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Set No. 3 (#2) L'Ete. Roose.0868
Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Set No. 3 (#3) Poule. Roose.0869
Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Set No. 3 (#4) Trenise. Roose.0870
Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Set No. 3 (#5) Finale and Coda. Roose.0871
Jenny Nettles. Roose.0028
Jim Along Josey. Roose.0740
Jim Crow. Roose.0748
Jim Jaw Bone. Roose.0789
Jipy(?) Bob. Roose.0579
John Bruce's Quick Step. Roose.0690
John Bull in Paris. Roose.0664
John De Barr's Hornpipe. Roose.1088
John O'Bandenyon. Roose.0511
Johnny's made a Wedding on't. Roose.0151
Jolly Brick Makers.  Roose.0032, The
Jolly Sailor. Roose.0021, The
Jones' Hornpipe. Roose.1074
Joshua Denton's Hornpipe. Roose.1033
Jubilee Hornpipe. Roose.1071
Jumbo Jum. Roose.0757
Jumping Rogue. Roose.0041, La
Just a going. Roose.0205
Just in time. Roose 418
Just so in America. Roose.0679
Just So In The North. Roose 0888
Kate of the Dale, Roose.0431
Keel Row. Roose.0304
Key's Hornpipe. Roose.0991
King of Denmark's Favourite. Roose.0624, The
King of Russia's Minuet. Roose.0597, The
Kiss My Lady. No.1. Roose.0640
Kiss My Lady. No.2. Roose.0641
Kiss My Lady. No.3. Roose.0642
Kiss the cold winter away Roose.0502
Kitty Grogan, Roose.0432
Kitty Grogan. Roose.0584
Knave of Clubs. Roose.0127, The
Knock her down Sussie. Roose.0400
Knock Her Down Sussie[?]. Roose.0246
La Assembly. Roose.0618
La Bagatelle. Roose.0693
La Belle Jeanette. Roose.0075
La Damoiselle. Roose.0612, La
La Marvellous. Roose.0625
La Nouvelle. Roose.0655
La Paysanie. Roose.0667
La Valentine. Roose.0617
Lads of Dunce. Roose.0326
Lads of Foss, aka. Roose.0468, The
Lady Bairds Delight. Roose.0356
Lady Baird's Strathspey. Roose.0367
Lady Betty Ramsays Reel. Roose.0226
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Reel. Roose.0728
Lady Charlton's Fancy. Roose.0218
Lady Chartellers' Jigg. Roose.0364
Lady Constable's Delight. Roose.0197
Lady Coventry's Minuet. Roose.0603
Lady Habinlon[?] Fancy. Roose.0088
Lady Haddo's Strathspey. Roose.0378
Lady Jane's Hornpipe. Roose.0937
Lady Margarets Howard's Strathspey. Roose.0386
Lady Mary Montague's Minuet
Lady of the Lake. Roose.0703
Lady Sykes Minuet. Roose.0606
Lamberton Races Reel. Roose.0368
Lamp lighter. Roose.0466
Land Of Delight. Roose.0540, The
Lascelles Hornpipe. Roose.0938
Lass Gin ye Loe me tell me now. Roose.0312
Lass of Richmond Hill. Roose.0520
Lasses Like Ma Brandy. Roose.0274
Lasses of Dunce. Roose.0328
Lasses of our Town. Roose.0019
Lasses of the Ferry. Roose.0224
Last Dance. Roose.0394, The
Last Pint of Ale. Roose.0215
Laugh and Fat. Roose.0051
Lawson's Frolic. Roose.0698
Lawson's Hornpipe. Roose.1092
Le Capuchine de Maidon. Roose.0619
Leeds Hornpipe. Roose.0974
Legacy. Roose.0663, The
Let Us All Be Unhappy Together. Roose.0521
Let's be merry o'er the year. Roose.0181
Lewis Castle. Roose.0299
Liberty For The Sailors. Roose.0061
Life by de Galley Fire. Roose.0779, A
Light and Airy. Roose.0311
Lilly. Roose.0135, The
Limsden's Strathspey. Roose.0626
Lincoln Hornpipe. Roose.1005
Lincolnshire Lads. Roose.0330
Lincolnshire Lasses. Roose.0331
Lincolnshire or ... Roose.0921
Litchfield Races. Roose.0228
Little Man and Maid. Roose.0462, The
Little Tomy. Roose.0214
Liverpool Hornpipe. Roose.0917
Liverpool Hornpipe. Roose.0977
Loch Vach. Roose.0472
Locheal's Away To France. Roose.0381
Lock'd in my Chest. Roose.0518
London Hornpipe. Roose.0670
London Hornpipe. Roose.0965
Long Time Ago. Roose.0783
Lord Barret's March. Roose.0854
Lord Dounes Strathspey. Roose.0380
Lord How's Hornpipe. Roose.1090
Lord Kenyard's Reel. Roose. 0262.
Lord St Orville. Roose.0654
Lord St. Vincent's Hp. Roose.1013
Lovely Nancy (with Vars). Roose.0574
Lovely Peggy. Roose.0530
Lovely Polly. Roose.0573
Lowder's Hornpipe. Roose.0940
Lucia Campbell's Delight. Roose.0352
Lucy Neal. Roose. 0753
Lucy's Delight. Roose.0153
Lumly House, Roose.0442
Lumps of Pudding. Roose.0211
Maccarony. Roose.0303
Macfarlane's Strathspey. Roose.0384
Mad Marian's Hornpipe. Roose.1073
Madam Bonuparts' Waltz. Roose.0847
Madam Symmoney Allemand. Roose.0034
Maggie Lawder with Variations. Roose.0484
Maid of Barra. Roose.0665, The
Maid of the Mill. Roose.0009
Maidens of Kent, Roose.0430, The
Maid's Invitation. Roose.0043, The
Manchester Hornpipe. Roose.0916
Mann's Hornpipe. Roose.1030
Mantua Makers Frolic.  Roose 0886, The
March in the Battle of Prague. Roose.0477
March. Roose.0800
Margate Assembly. Roose.0170
Margate Hoy. Roose.0152
Margate Waltz. Roose.0813
Mariners. Roose 428, The
Marionets. Roose.0623
Marry Kitty Strathspey. Roose.0372
Martini's Minuet. Roose.0594
Mary Blane. Roose.0758
Mary Douglas' Reel. Roose.0391
Mary's Dream. Roose.0551
Mason's Apron. Roose.0465, The
Massa Rumbo Ramm Esq.. Roose.0745
Mastr. Jackey Wagtail. Roose.0193
Mayor's Feast Or...  Roose 0890, The
Meadows Look Cheerful. Roose.0523, The
Meg Merriless. Roose.0935
Merrily Dance The Quaker. Roose.0070
Merry is de Minstrel Life. Roose.0796
Merry Lads of Ayre. Roose.0636
Merry Lafses. Roose.0129
Merry Quaker. Roose.0282
Merry Sailor. Roose.0082, The
Mezeppa Polka. Roose.0676
Mggies Wame is Fu I trow. Roose.0313
Middleton's Hornpipe. Roose.0961
Midnight Wanderers, Roose.0436, The
Military Waltz or.... Roose.0813
Milk Maid. Roose.408, The
Miller of Drone. Roose.0673, The
Miller of Mansfield. Roose.0554
Millers' Hornpipe. Roose.1023
Mill's Hornpipe. Roose.0476
Milnston Hornpipe. Roose.0975
Milton Hornpipe. Roose.0954
Milton's Hornpipe. Roose.0948
Milton's Hornpipe. Roose.1089
Miners of Wicklow. Roose.0718,The
Minos Court. Roose.0173
Minuet de la Cour. Roose.0598
Minuet. Roose.0595, A
Miss Baird of Newbyths Strathspey. Roose.0375
Miss Bank's Hornpipe. Roose.1043
Miss Betty Robertsons Reel. Roose.0729
Miss Buchanan of Cambasmore's Jigg. Roose.0120
Miss Butts' Favourite. Roose.0301
Miss Caroline Grant's Strathspey. Roose.0117
Miss Cartwright's Delight. Roose.0281
Miss Catherine Abercromby's Delight. Roose.0110
Miss Clementina Stewart's Strathspey. Roose.0107
Miss Douglass Jigg. Roose 411
Miss Farra's Hornpipe. Roose.0936
Miss Finlay's Delight. Roose.0374
Miss Graham's Strathspey. Roose.0357
Miss Green's Hornpipe. Roose.0669
Miss Harriet. Roose.0083
Miss Johnston of Hilton Strathspey. Roose.0369
Miss Kayton's Hornpipe. Roose.1004
Miss Kinlay's Favourite. Roose.0112
Miss Lindsay's Favourite. Roose.0114
Miss Lindsey's Strathspey. Roose.0116
Miss Lucy Long. Roose.0743
Miss Madalina Maxwell's Strathspey. Roose.0108
Miss Margaret Robinson's Jigg. Roose.0113
Miss Mary Mac Donald's Reel. Roose.0123
Miss Mary Stewart's Strathspey. Roose.0105
Miss Nisbets of Darlington Strathspey. Roose.0109
Miss Pensy MacDonald's Reel. Roose.0350
Miss Raes Jigg. Roose.0393
Miss Stewart of Ballechen's Favourite. Roose.0106
Miss Stewarts Reel. Roose.0355
Miss Stewart's Reel. Roose.0392
Miss Wards Delight. Roose.0092
Miss West's Hornpipe. Roose.1106
Miss Williamson's Jigg. Roose.0118
Miss Wilson's Favourite Rope Dance. Roose.0926
Miss Worthorp's Hornpipe. Roose.0999
Mister Gumbo Coon. Roose.0787
Moldywarp. Roose.0001
Money in both pockets. Roose.0200
Money Musk. Roose.0202
Monkey's Wedding. Roose.0756, The
Month of May. Roose.0198, The
Moon & Seven Stars. Roose.0069, The
Morgan Ratler. Roose.0245
Morning Fair or .... Roose.0943
Morpeth Rant. Roose.0930
Mountebank's Hornpipe. Roose.0980
Mr Blane's Minuet. Roose.0605
Mr Chesnut's Hornpipe. Roose.0949
Mr Defsoberry's Minuet. Roose.0607
Mr French's Minuet. Roose.0608
Mr Hop's Hornpipe. Roose.0973
Mr John Begg's Favourite. Roose.0119
Mr Macdonald's Reel. Roose.0388
Mr Northland Reel. Roose.404
Mr Rae's Jigg. Roose.0111
Mr. Bologna's Hornpipe in Mother Goose. Roose.1077
Mr. Minzies of Luldare's Reel. Roose.0349
Mrs Berry's Minuet. Roose.0588
Mrs Clark's Hornpipe. Roose.1057
Mrs Dixon's Minuet. Roose.0593
Mrs Edmonton's Reel. Roose.0149
Mrs Granden's Reel. Roose.0115
Mrs Hamilton's Minuet. Roose.0590
Mrs Hubbard's Reel. Roose.0137
Mrs Jacksons Reel. Roose.0145
Mrs Johnson's Minuet. Roose.0586
Mrs Johnston of Hillton Reel. Roose.0346
Mrs Jubb's Minuet. Roose.0591
Mrs Morrison's Strathspey. Roose.0390
Mrs Muir Mackenzie's Reel. Roose.0385
Mrs Pennymans's Minuet. Roose.0587
Mrs Ward's Minuet. Roose.0589
Mrs Webb's Minuet. Roose.0592
Mrs. Mackdonald's Reel. Roose.0258.
Mulberry Tree, Roose.0434, The
My Ain Kind Dearye,19 Variations. Roose.0488
My Bonny Ann. Roose.0646
My Father Kissed my Mother. Roose.0201
My Laddie from Valenciennes. Roose 427
My Long Tailed Blue. Roose.0747
My Lover's but a Laddie yet. Roose.0225
My Old Aunt Sally. Roose.0761
My Skiff is on the Shore. Roose.0759.
N****r Put Down Dat Jug. Roose.0772
Nancy Morrison's Reel. Roose 425
Nanny Cobrey's Jigg. Roose.0898
Neglected Tar. Roose.0543, The
Negro Festive Dance. Roose.0752
Negro War Dance. Roose.0751
Nelson's Hornpipe. Roose.0987
Never till now I felt Love's smart. Roose.0549
New Bath Minuet. Roose.0602
New Clog Hornpipe. Roose.1085, The
New Daniel Couper. Roose.0221
New Dash. Roose.0660, The
New High Level Hp,aka. Roose.1054
New Holland. Roose.0620
New La Belle Catherine. Roose.0161
New Lango Lee. Roose.0510
New Lowland Laddie. Roose.0736
New Rigged Ship. Roose.0062, The
New Road Hornpipe. Roose.0932
New Scotch Dance. Roose.0103, The
New Star. Roose.0460
New Such Things Are. Roose.0340
New Tally Ho. Roose.0048
New Way Of Wooing. Roose 0885, The
Newcastle Hornpipe. Roose.0915
Newcastle Races. Roose.0229
Newsham Green. Roose.0037
Newton's Hornpipe. Roose.0931
Nick's Gee Bit. Roose.0223
Nineteenth of May. Roose.0081
No Title. Roose.0315
Noman's Jigg. Roose.0066
Non Mounton's Hunt. Roose.0219
None like it. Roose.0148
Nothing at All. Roose.0291
Nottingham Races. Roose.0232
Nutty Jerry. Roose.0208
O Bonny Lass. Roose.0556
Oak Stick. Roose.0248, The
Oak Trees. Roose 0289
Oaks Assembly. Roose.0171, The
O'er The Muir To Katie. Roose.0735
Old Dan Tucker. Roose.0723
Old Joe. Roose.0754
Old man will never die. Roose.0146, The
Old Roger De Coverley. Roose.0020
Old Sea Belle. Roose.0461, The
Old Virginny Neber Tire. Roose.0764A
Ole Jaw Bone. Roose.0776, De
Ole Tare River, Roose.0782
On Friendship. Roose.0524
Opera Polka. Roose.0730, The
Orange Hornpipe. Roose.1102, The
Orehall. Roose.0470
Out and in upon occasion. Roose.0008
Over the Water to Charlie with Variations. Roose.0483
Oyster Supper, Roose.0765, De
Oyster Wives' Reel. Roose.0277, The
Paddy Carey. Roose 0692
Paddy O'Carrol. Roose.0479
Paddy Whack. Roose.0085
Panorama. Roose.0454, The
Pantheon. Roose.0621, The
Parting Hornpipe by Hewarth. Roose.1038
Pastourelle. Roose.0653
Patty's Whim. Roose.0309
Pea Straw. Roose.0190
Peasant's Hornpipe. Roose.0913, The
Peep of Day. Roose.0402
Peggy of Darby O. Roose.0550
Penny Pyeman's Hornpipe. Roose.0478, The
Perthshire Hunt Reel. Roose.0351
Peter's Reel. Roose.0695
Peticoat Loose. Roose.0014
Philadelphy Joe. Roose.0792
Phillips'Hornpipe. Roose.1040
Philly McGue. Roose.0684
Pig Tripes on Friday or Fryday. Roose.0457
Pinder's Hornpipe. Roose.1034
Pipe & an easy Chair. Roose.0068, A
Plato's Advice. Roose.0527
Pleasant Reel. Roose 417, The
Pleasures of Salsbury. Roose.0186, The
Pleasures of Spraughton. Roose.0191, The
Pleasures of Town. Roose.0924
Plymouth Hornpipe. Roose.1020
Plymouth. Roose.0076
Poll & Partner Joe. Roose.0504
Poll's Answer to poor Jack. Roose.0564
Poor Jack. Roose.0293
Poor Sambo or... Roose.0770
Poor Soldier. Roose.0025
Poor Soldier. Roose.0532
Poor Tom. Roose.0180
Pope's Toe. Roose.0220, The
Powers of Music. Roose.0501, The
Prince Cutosoff. Roose.0652
Prince of Wales Delight. Roose.0260.
Prince of Wales Hornpipe. Roose.0668, The
Prince Regent's Reel. Roose.0716
Princess Hornpipe. Roose.0983
Princess Royal. Roose.0271.
Push About the Jorum. Roose.0297
Quadrilles No.2 (#1) Roose.0861
Quadrilles No.2 (#2). Roose.0862
Quadrilles No.2 (#3). Roose.0863
Quadrilles No.2 (#4)  Roose.0864
Quadrilles No.2 (#5) Cleopatra. Roose.0865
Quadrilles No.2 (#6). Roose.0866
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#1). Roose.0872
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#2). Untitled. Roose.0873
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#3). Roose.0874
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#4). Roose.0875
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#5). La Belle Caroline. Roose.0876
Quadrilles Set No. 4 (#6). La Caroline. Roose.0877
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#1). Untitled. Roose.0879
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#2). Untitled. Roose.0880
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#3). Untitled. Roose.0881
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#4). Untitled. Roose.0882
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#5). Roose.0883
Quadrilles Set No. 5 (#6). Untitled. Roose.0884
Quadrilles.No.1(#1-Pantalon). Roose.0855
Quadrilles.No.1(#2-L'Ete). Roose.0856
Quadrilles.No.1(#3-La Poule). Roose.0857
Quadrilles.No.1(#4-Pastourelle). Roose.0858
Quadrilles.No.1(#5-Finale). Roose.0859
Quadrilles.No.1(#6-Kenmure's Awa). Roose.0860
Quaker's Triumph or... Roose.0713, The
Queen Mary's Lamentation. Roose.0514
Quick and Merry. Roose.0087
Quick Step. Roose.0131
Quick Step. Roose.0287
Quick Step. Roose.0467
Quick Step. Roose.0473
Quick Step. Roose.0628
Quick Step. Roose.0675
Quick Step. Roose.0798
Quizes. Roose 419, The
Quoz. Roose.0207
Rachel Wray. Roose.0666
Rail Road Overture. Roose.0797, The
Railway Hornpipe. Roose.0944
Railway Hornpipe. Roose.1058
Rakes Ramble. Roose.0292
Ratchford Hornpipe. Roose.1026
Real Mary Blane. Roose.0769, The
Real Polkas No.1. Roose.0724, The
Real Polkas No.2. Roose.0725, The
Real Polkas No.3. Roose.0726, The
Real Scotch Polkas No.1. Roose.0732, The
Real Scotch Polkas No.2. Roose.0733, The
Real Scotch Polkas No.3. Roose.0734, The
Recruiting Officer. Roose.0339
Red House Rant. Roose.0031
Reel. Roose.0122
Reel. Roose.0335
Reel. Roose.0407
Reel. Roose.0469
Reel. Roose.0706, A
Reel. Roose.0707, A
Reform Strathspey. Roose.0897, The
Reynard the Fox. Roose.0544
Richardson's Hornpipe. Roose.1081
Richers' Hornpipe. Roose.1098
Rix's Hornpipe. Roose.0957
Roast Beef of Old England. Roose.0506
Robin or Robin Hood. Roose 426
Robinson Crusoe. Roose.0072
Ror Hornpipe. Roose.1108
Rosborough Castle. Roose.0971
Rose Bud's Cotillion. Roose.0659
Rose. Roose.0321, The
Rosemary Top. Roose.0033
Roses and Thorns. Roose.0721
Rosin De Beau. Roose.0766
Rossland Castle. Roose.0577
Royal Marriage. Roose.0934, The
Rule Brittania. Roose.0482
Rural Grove. Roose.0167, The
Rusher's Hornpipe. Roose.0928
Russian Hornpipe. Roose.1087
Russian Waltz. Roose.0817
Sailors Allegory. Roose.0537, The
Sailor's Farewell. Roose.0534, The
Sailor's Glory. Roose.0174, The
Sailors over the Bar. Roose.0296
Sall's Delight. Roose.0709
Sally Kellio. Roose.0284
Sally's Taste. Roose.0056
Salt Fish and Dumplings,aka. Roose.1086
Sandy and Jenny. Roose.0649
Sandy O'er the Lee. Roose.0366
Sandy O'er the Lee. Roose.0801
Saucy Shannon. Roose.0688, The
Savoyard's Frolic. Roose.0310, The
Saxcobourge Waltz. Roose.0837, The
Saxoney's Hornpipe. Roose.0914
Scheming Jockey. Roose.0159, The
Scotch Bonnet. Roose.0138
Scotch Hero's Reel. Roose.0285
Scotch Hornpipe. Roose.1084
Scotch Hornpipe. Roose.1091, A
Scotch Jigg. Roose.0134, A
Scotch Mason's Hornpipe. Roose.1035, The
Scots Dance, Roose.0433, The
Scot's Hall. Roose.0139, The
Sentry Box. Roose.0677
Serenade. Roose 0700, The
Set of Gallops (5th tune). Roose.0903
Set of Gallops (first tune). Roose.0899
Set of Gallops (second tune). Roose.0900
Set of Gallops(4th tune). Roose.0902
Seven Stars. Roose.0694, The
Shackleton's Hornpipe. Roose.1019
Sham Fight. Roose.0086
Sheets and Blankets was bare. Roose.0018
Sheffield Hornpipe. Roose.0918
She's Over Young To Marry Yet. Roose.0047
Shipwreck. Roose.0184, The
Sich A Gittin Up Stairs. Roose.0741
Since Love Is The Plan. Roose.0541
Since You Mun. Roose.0474
Sir Alexander McDonald's Reel. Roose.0121
Sir Charles Bingham's Minuet. Roose.0601
Sir Home Poppame's Hornpipe. Roose.1079
Sir John Henderson's Jigg. Roose.0383
Sir John Morrison's Hop. Roose 424
Sir Sidney Smith's Hornpipe. Roose.1104
Sir Sidney Smith's Hornpipe. Roose.1109
Sister Sarah, or the ... Roose.0156
Skelton's Hornpipe. Roose.1094
Slack Rope Dance. Roose.0057, The
Slater's Hornpipe. Roose.1053
Smiling Dicky's Hornpipe. Roose.0989
Smiling Grog's on Board. Roose.0575
Smith's Hornpipe. Roose.0956
Smith's Hornpipe. Roose.1103
Snowball. Roose.0561, The
Snuffbox Waltz. Roose.0843
So Braely I was Kissed Yestere'en. Roose.0063
Social Powers. Roose.0067
Solar Eclipse, Roose.0444, The
Soldier Mac. Roose.0314
Soldier's Joy. Roose.0923
Song. Roose.0576
Song. Roose.0582
Spanish Dollar's Hornpipe. Roose.0939
Spanish Patriots or ... Roose.0998, The
Speaking Figure. Roose.0187, The
Speed the Plough. Roose.0927
Spinning Wheel. Roose.0398, The
Spring's a Coming. Roose.0270.
Square the Yards. Roose.0016
St Bride's Bells. Roose.0458
St Patrick's Day In The Morning. Roose.0273
St Vincent Hornpipe. Roose,1021
Stag Hunt, or .... Roose.0165, The
Stage,aka. Roose.1012, The
Stanley Ferry Hornpipe. Roose.1007
Star. Roose 412, The
State and Island Hornpipe. Roose.1096
Steam Packet Hornpipe. Roose.0953
Stoney Steps Hornpipe. Roose.0970
Storm. Roose.0529, The
Stormont Lads Strathspey. Roose. 0376
Stranger's Hornpipe. Roose.0950
Strassbrough Hornpipe. Roose.1006
Strike the Banjo. Roose.0764B
Stringer's Waltz(?) Roose.0838
Such Things Are. Roose.0256.
Suffolk Hornpipe. Roose.1101
Sun Beams. Roose.0125, The
Sunderlands Hornpipe. Roose.0966
Surrender of Toulon. Roose.0449, The
Sweet Ann Fair. Roose.0500
Sweet Lillies of the Valley. Roose.0578
Swiss Allemande. Roose.0078
Syrein[?] Hornpipe, Roose.1114, The
Tally Ho. Roose.0493
Tartan Pladdie. Roose.0525, The
Tartan Plaiddie. Roose.0163, The
Thatch'd House. Roose 413, The
Thing. Roose.0528, The
This is Not My Ain House. Roose.0353
This is not my ain House. Roose.0406
Tho' Late I was a Cobler's Wife. Roose.0568
Tho' Late I was Plump. Roose.0533
Thompson's Hornpipe. Roose.0912
Thorn. Roose.0799, The
Thro' the Wood Laddie. Roose.0489
Ti my bed I wi' na ga wiout I get a man. Roose.0307
Timber Toe. Roose.0306
To the Greenwood Gang wi' me. Roose.0495
Tom Thumb. Roose.0073
Tom Tolliss Hornpipe. Roose.0887.
Top of the Monument. Roose.0475
Topsail Shiver in the Wind. Roose.0503, The
Trinity House. Roose.0453
Trip to America. Roose.0450
Trip to Bristol. Roose.0240
Trip to Carlisle. Roose.0237
Trip to Cork. Roose.0235
Trip to Denbigh. Roose.0446
Trip to Dunkirk. Roose.0447
Trip to Galloway, Roose.0437
Trip to Gateford. Roose.0239
Trip to Marfleet. Roose.0236
Trip to Matlock. Roose.0249
Trip to Oatelands. Roose.0250
Trip to Paris. Roose.0238
Trip to Sligo. Roose.0405
Trip to Sunninghill Wells. Roose.0064, A
Trip to Sutton. Roose.0622, A
Trip To The Camp. Roose.0257.
Triumph. Roose.0697, The
Trumpet Waltz. Roose.0835
Tulbury Castle, Roose.0445
Tullochorum. Roose.0512
'Twas within a mile Edinburgh Town. Roose.0498
Twiggle and a Friz. Roose.0496
Uncle Gabriel. Roose.0763
Union Hornpipe. Roose.1009
Union Pipes. Roose.0661
Untitled. Roose.0189
Untitled. Roose.0610
Untitled. Roose.0611
Untitled. Roose.0613
Valentine Day. Roose.0089
Vaux Hall Hornpipe. Roose.0986
Vauxhall Watch. Roose.0499
Vento's Farewell. Rouse.0176
Vestris' Hornpipe. Roose.1082
Vicar and Moses. Roose.0682, The
Virgin's Wish. Roose.0276, The
Wake. Roose.0583
Wakefield Bridge Hornpipe. Roose.1110
Wakefield Hornpipe. Roose.0929
Walk Along John. Roose.0750
Walling of the Plading. Roose.0360, The
Waltz by Mozart. Roose.0848
Waltz.  Roose.0849
Waltz. Prince Leopold's. Roose.0832
Waltz. Roose.0806
Waltz. Roose.0807
Waltz. Roose.0810
Waltz. Roose.0811
Waltz. Roose.0812
Waltz. Roose.0815
Waltz. Roose.0816
Waltz. Roose.0819
Waltz. Roose.0820
Waltz. Roose.0822
Waltz. Roose.0823
Waltz. Roose.0824
Waltz. Roose.0825
Waltz. Roose.0826a
Waltz. Roose.0826a [playable version]
Waltz. Roose.0826b
Waltz. Roose.0827
Waltz. Roose.0828
Waltz. Roose.0829
Waltz. Roose.0830
Waltz. Roose.0831
Waltz. Roose.0833
Waltz. Roose.0836
Waltz. Roose.0840
Waltz. Roose.0841
Waltz. Roose.0842
Waltz. Roose.0844a
Waltz. Roose.0844b
Waltz. Roose.0845
War Did You Kum From. Roose.0767
Warley Camp. Roose 422
Watergate Hornpipe. Roose.1120
Waterloo Hornpipe. Roose.0969
Waterman. Roose.0308, The
Wednesday Night. Roose.0705
Weeber's Vocal Gallop (3rd tune). Roose.0901
Welcome Home. Roose.0645
Welcomely, over Dock Bridge. Roose.0158
Well Done Jack. Roose.0280
Wellington's Hornpipe. Roose.0941
Wellington's Hornpipe. Roose.0942
Wellington's Strathspey. Roose.0674
Welton's Hornpipe. Roose.1008
Wentworth House. Roose.0702
Whar did you kum from Mr Coon. Roose.0778
What do you think of Her. Roose.0204
When de Moon Shines. Roose.0777
When War's Alarms. Roose.0552
When William at Eve. Roose.0572
Where Did You Come From? Knock a N****r Down. Roose.0744
Whigs of Fife. Roose.0247, The
Whigs of Fife. Roose.0401, The
While Misers all Night. Roose.0487
Whilst happy in my native Land. Roose.0557
Whilst the Lads of the Village. Roose.0853
Whim. Roose.0093, The
Whip, Roose.0440, The
White Joke. Roose.0029
Who's Afraid. Roose.0320
Who's dat Knockin at de door. Roose.0759
Why did you promise to marry me. Roose.0144
Widdop's Quick March. Roose.0805
Wigginton's Wind Mill. Roose.0263.
Wilkinson's Hornpipe. Roose.0911
Wilson's Hornpipe. Roose.1000
Winchester Camp. Roose.0463
Winchester Camps. Roose.0179
Wind Blows the Barley O. Roose.0631, The
Wintry Skies, The. Roose.0486
Wives and Sweethearts. Roose.0562
Wm(?) Far Away. Roose.0560
Woburn Abbey. Roose.0188
Woo'd and Married and a'. Roose.0253
Wood Cutters. Roose.0012, The
Woodbine Cottage. Roose.0650
Wood's Hornpipe. Roose.1042
Woolcomber's Jigg. Roose.0719,The
Yankee Doodle. Roose.0742
Yanky Doodle. Roose.0053
Ye Banks and Braes. Roose.0648
Ye Warwickshire Lads. Roose.0569
Yorkshire Lasses. Roose.0080
You be welcome here again. Roose.0011
You'll See Dem on the Ohio. Roose.0785
Young Collins,aka. Roose.0609
Young Ladies Wish. Roose.0338, The
Young Man's Wish. Roose.0526, The
Young May Moon. Roose.0658, The


I can find no positive records on of the family before the 1871 census. In 1851 and 1861, because of John's[1] job as a railway labourer the family could have been anywhere in the country where there was a railway. Railway navvies often lived in unruly shanty towns where officialdom only had a tenuous hold. There are several John Roose's in Derbyshire who unfortunately cannot be positively linked to ours, beware of false trails.

The following positively linked census records were found by working backwards from the address in Hulme, and birthplaces.
N.B. Codnor Park, next to Riddings village, is 2 miles east of Ripley, Derbs, 10 miles NNE of Derby

These records start with a widowed father John[1], born in Ashover Derbyshire about 1832, and his two grown-up two sons. The eldest, John[2] was born about 1849 not too far away in Codnor Park, Nottinghamshire, which was at the time a very industrial area close to collieries, ironworks, brickworks and recently constructed railways. The second child, Thomas, was born  in far away Winchester around 1851, where John[1] aged only 19, was a railway labourer. At that time the only railway in the area was the L&SWR, which as far as I can find out didn't have any major lines under construction near Winchester other than the Farnham to Alton branch, which opened in 1852.

For just short of 20 years we lose track of them.

In 1871 the now widowed John[1] and his two sons were lodging in Westmorland as railway labourers, probably in the construction of the Hincaster Branch of the Furness Railway. The act for the branch was obtained in 1867, it was authorised to begin in 1870, and completed in 1876. The busiest days of railway civil engineering were past, but soon the Midland Railway would commence work on the nearby Settle- Carlisle line.

Nevertheless John[2] (junior) fancied a change of lifestyle from railway labouring, and by 1881 we find him as a Police Constable in Hulme, less than a mile to the south of Manchester city centre, where he had been since at least the time of the birth of his daughter Florence 13 Jan 1877. By 1874 he had parted from his father and brother and married, in Manchester, Elizabeth Jane Walker ca1843-1914, (she was evasive about her age) from Macclesfield. There he remained in the police force for at least the next 30 years.

His son John[3] was listed as a musician in 1901 and in 1911.

1871 Census

10 Arnside Village, Westmorland
John Roose[1], widower    39yrs    Rly. Labr. (Railway Labourer)    b. Ashover,Derbs
John[2]          single.        22yrs    Rly. Labr.    b. Codnor Park, Derbs.   
Thomas          single        20yrs     Rly. Labr.    b. Winchester

1881 Census

4 Welcomb St. Hulme
John Roose[2]        30yrs    Police Cons.    b.Codnor Park, Derbs.
Elizabeth A?           36yrs            b. Macclesfield, Cheshire
Florence                 3yrs            b. Hulme
John[3]                  2yrs            b. Hulme
Charles                  2mths         b.Hulme

1891 Census

4 Welcomb St. Hulme
John Roose[2]        42yrs    Police Cons.(table)    b. Ridd Ings, Derbs.
Elizabeth J        38yrs            b. Macclesfield, Cheshire
Louisa              14yrs            b. Hulme
Florence           13yrs            b. Hulme
John[3]            12yrs            b.Hulme

1901 Census

4 Welcomb St. Hulme
John Roose[2]        52yrs    Police?        b. Codnor Park, Derbs.
Elizabeth J             55yrs
Florence                23yrs    Machinist
John[3]                 22yrs    Musician    b.  Manchester

1911 Census

4 Welcomb St. Hulme Manchester
John Roose[2] head       62 yrs married 36 years 5 children born, 3 still living, 2 died Police pensioner, Riddings, Derbyshire
Elizabeth Jane Roose     68 yrs Macclesfield Cheshire
John Roose[3] son        32 yrs, single, musician (worker) Manchester


Inside the cover there is a printed label :-
"John Roose, 4 Welcombe Street, Hulme, Manchester"
It contains 1120 tunes, very neat.

The hand is consistent throughout the MS, and undoubtedly written by one person. Although many of the tunes would not seem out of place in the 1820s, including many quadrilles, nevertheless Tune #867 is inscribed as "Jenny Lind's Quadrilles Sett, No.3  Pantalon, by J.D.Sanders", so it can hardly have been inscribed into the MS much before 1850.
On the other hand I have not yet found anything positively dateable to later than 1850, either by title or content. No polkas by name that are not part of quadrille sets, and no schottisches, which became the rage soon after 1850.

In 1850, John [1], railway labourer born in Ashover, Derbyshire, was only 17 and already had just had one child born in Derbyshire with another on the way to being born in Winchester, so though just possible, it seems unlikely that he would have had the time or the settled circumstances in which to compile a MS of this size.
John [2], the railway labourer's Derbyshire born son turned Manchester police constable, had only just been born, so he definitely didn't write it.
John [3] was a professional musician born in 1879.


Therefore I would guess that the manuscript was compiled by an unknown author not far either side of 1850, and acquired by John Roose [3] either from a relative or some other unknowable source.

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