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Lincolnshire, England. Early 19thC

Go to ABC file of the Melody section of the MS

The work of transcription has been done by a team of volunteers as follows:-

Tune numbers 1-43, by Roger Hare 5-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 44-78, by Steve Dumpleton 23-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 79-139, by Peter Dunk 28-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 140-183, by Steve Mansfield 7-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 184-207, by Quinton Cumbes 23-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 208-240, by Mike Hicken 30-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 241-255, by Anahata 23-4-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 255-335, by Chris Partington et al 29-4-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 336-374, by Taz Tarry 9-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 375-412, by Greg Bradfield-Smith 24-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 413-462, by Nigel Rainer 31-1-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 463-499, by Ruairidh Greig 23-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 500-531, by Mike Hicken 5-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 532-578, by Eric Conrad 12-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 579-625, by Rob Watkins 21-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 626-660, by Steve Dumpleton 13-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 661-697, by Quinton Cumbes 2-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 698-734, by Greg Bradfield-Smith 28-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 735-774, by Peter Dunk 17-4-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 775-810, by Mike Hicken 14-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 811-846, by Nigel Rainer 20-2-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 847-886, by Taz Tarry 8-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 887-923, by Steve Mansfield 2-5-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 924-961, by Quinton Cumbs 24-3-19    PDF of this section
Tune numbers 962-979, by Nigel Rainer 28-3-19   PDF of this section
Tune numbers 980-995, by Nigel Rainer 11-3-19   PDF of this section
Tune numbers 996-1009, by Greg Bradfield-Smith 3-5-19   PDF of this section

There are in fact 1015 tunes in the melody file, not 1009, but we have tried to stick to the numbering given by Buttrey

In addition a total of 49 Harmony parts are provided in the MS. In the MS they are separate from the Melody parts, and very frequently don't match. This has involved some adjustments to both primo and secundo parts to make them fit. I have not noted these changes in the combined file, but the originals can be found in their unaltered original files.

Harmonies altered and combined with Melodies (i.e. Primo and Secundo together) 2-4-19 ABC file PDF of this section.

Harmonies unaltered as per the MS 01-23 by Mike Hicken 31-3-19 ABC file PDF of this section
Harmonies unaltered as per the MS 24-49 by Roger Hare 2-4-19 ABC file PDF of this section

John Buttrey, (b 1784) of Lincolnshire, joined the British Army, 34th Regt., as a fifer in 1797, at the age of 13. He served for 19 years, mostly in India and South Africa.
The manuscript, whatever its previous history, traveled with him in 1849 to Canada, where it remains with his family to this day. The manuscript is being transcribed with the kind permission of Sandra Cameron. Plans are in place for it to eventually reside at the City of Toronto Archives.

This is a very large manuscript containing over 1,000 musical items, illustrated accounts of the Battle of St. Kitts, 1782, and the Battle of the Nile, 1798, various sketches,  and some inscriptions, including John Buttrey's signature

There is a website dedicated to the manuscript and its story, complete with images of the whole MS, at

Whether or not the music was written down by 1) the same person who wrote the illustrated accounts of the battles, or 2) the other sketches, including the one that depicts the "Uniform for the Drum major Boy H(er).M(ajesty's). 34th Regiment for the year 1804 & 5″, or 3) by John Buttrey himself, or 4) another person entirely, in my opinion the whole of the music content is in the same hand.

Tune #345 Croppies Lie Down dates from 1798, Tune #727 Battle of the Nile no earlier than 1798, Tune #1004 Jessie The Flower of Dunblane composed in 1808. Some of the tunes are taken from editions 5+6 of Aird, i.e. 1798-1801. These various dates bracket the period that Buttrey served as a musician in the army.


This (very long) index will help you to find a tune in the PDF files. Several spellings of some tunes are sometimes given, as are alternative titles.

___orning Delish. JBut.106 *missing*
10th of June 96. JBut.229, The
10th Regt. Quickstep. Jbut.324
11th Regt Quickstep,aka. JBut.924
14th of October. JBut.040, The
16th of May. JBut.275, The
17th Regt. Quick Step. JBut.538
22nd Regt. March,aka. JBut.681
22nd Regt. March. JBut.662
26th Reg Dead March. JBut.948, The
2nd Church Call. JBut.062, The %Title as given in MS
2nd Dubble Drag. JBut.048, The %Title as given in MS
2nd Regt. Quick Step JBut.352
2nd Revaley. JBut.052, The %Title as given in MS
3 Camps. JBut.046, The %Title as given in MS
33rd Reg. Quickstep,aka. Jbut.380
34th Regt Hornpipe. JBut.700
3rd Foot Guards.aka JBut407, The
3rd Revaley. JBut.053, The %Title as given in MS
4 Seasons. JBut.431, The
42nd Farewell. JBut.842, The
44 Regt.Quick Step JBut.349
44th Reg't March. JBut.683
45 Regt. Quick Step JBut.351
4th Batt. Royals Q'step,aka. JBut.381
4th Revaley. JBut.054, The %Title as given in MS
50th Reg't Quickstep. JBut.930
52nd Regt. Quick Step,aka. JBut.560
5th Troop. JBut.843, The
61st Reg'ts Hornpipe. JBut.109, The
8th Regt Quick Step JBut.918
9th Regt Quick Step. JBut.919
A Favaright Irish Gigg JBut.140
A Quick Step by SQ. JBut.236
A Quick Step JBut.344
A Quick Step. JBut.249
A Quick Step. JBut.339
A Quick Step. JBut.340
Admiral Howe's March. JBut.773
Age Hornpipe. JBut.902
Air in Oscar and Malvina. JBut.944
Aire de l'Opera Francoise JBut.485
Airshire Lasses. JBut.945
Albena,aka. JBut.239
Aldridge's Dance JBut.476
Aldridge's Dans JBut.476
Ale Wife and her Barrel JBut.469, The
All in the Downes the Fleet Was Mored. JBut.452
All the Way to Galway. JBut.382
Allimanda JBut.908
An ye had been where I ha'e been. JBut.669
And Will you be JBut.480
Andante. JBut.625
Andrew Carrey JBut.879
Angus Quick Step Jbut.899
Ansoum Drummor. JBut.81 *missing*, The
Answer to Ould Robing Gray. JBut.637, The
Araidh Nam Badan - Gaelic. JBut.755
Are in Ocar and Maloma. JBut.944
Arther o'Bradley, aka. JBut.397
Artor O Bradley. JBut.397
As I Was Kiss't Yester'een,aka. JBut.796, O
Ashley's 1st Hornpipe. JBut.112
Ashley's 2nd Hornpipe. JBut.113
Ashley's Flag,aka. JBut.573
Ashleys Hornpipe. JBut.134
Ashleys Ride. A Quick Step. JBut.198
Astley's Ride,aka JBut.198
Athole House. JBut.822
Auld Rob Morris. JBut.882
Austreon Retreat JBut.169, The
Aylmore's Polka,aka. JBut.933
Ayrshire Lasses. JBut.945
Back of The Haggard,aka. JBut.919
Bagshot Quick Step. JBut.925, The
Bagshot? March JBut.863, The
Balance A Straw,aka JBut.053
Balenty Morenchare O. JBut.329
Balenty Oharem(?). JBut.013
Ball. JBut.148, The
Balliorum,aka. JBut.013
Ball's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.376
Baltighoran Jig,aka. JBut.013
Banks of North Esk JBut.300, The
Banks of Spey. JBut.823, The
Banks of the Dee,aka. JBut.445
Bantrey Bay Boy. JBut.631, The
Barisett's Hornpipe. JBut.546
Barley Strow. JBut.228, The
Batchelors of Every Station. JBut566
Batel. JBut.235, The
Bath Medley,aka. JBut.372
Battle of Prague,aka. JBut.988
Battle of the Nile March JBut.853, The
Battle Of The Nile. JBut.727, The
Bayshot March JBut.863, The
Beard of the Thistle. JBut.779, The
Because He Was a Bonny Lad,aka. JBut.656
Bedford Races. JBut.277, The
Behind the Bush in the Garden,aka. JBut.414
Behind the Bush in the Garden. JBut.506
Behind the Bush. JBut.414
Belfast Volenteers March  JBut.852
Belfast Volunteers. JBut.933
Bell Catherine. JBut.199, La
Belleisle March JBut.181
Biddy The Bold Wife,aka. JBut.768
Birks of Indermay. JBut.90 *missing*, The
Black Bird. JBut.83 *missing*, The
Black Horse Quick Step. JBut.654, The
Black Joack. JBut.326
Black Mill,aka. JBut.712, The
Black's Hp,aka. JBut.919
Blue-eyed Stranger,aka. JBut.588
Boatie Rows. JBut.772, The
Bob at the Bouster. JBut.568
Bob in Bed with Bess,aka. JBut.257
Bobbing Joan. JBut.743
Bobbing Jone. JBut.743
Bobby Shafto,aka. JBut.379
Bodmin Riding March,aka. JBut.070, The
Bonaparty in a Knapsack. JBut.778
Boney Charly. JBut.503
Boney Cronders Quick Step. JBut.437
Boney Jim of Aberdeen. JBut.126
Bonnet So Blew. JBut.991, The
Bonnie Dundee JBut.873
Bonny Beast Notes. JBut.564
Bonny Breast Knots. JBut.564
Bonny Jem of Aberdeen,aka. JBut.126
Bonny Lad. JBut.656, The
Bonny Lighthorse Man,aka. JBut.011
Bottle of Punch. JBut.692, The
Bottom of the Punch Bowl JBut.904, The
Bowman's Fancy. JBut.760
Bowyers Wim. JBut.415
Boyne Hunt, aka. JBut.706, The
Braes of Ballendine. JBut.947
Braes of Balquidder JBut.487, The
Braes of Balwhidar JBut.487, The
Braes of Barmey Glinholm. JBut.814, The
Braes of Busbie . JBut.837, The
Braes of Busbie JBut.923
Braes of Marr. JBut.621, The
Brechin Castle. JBut.831
Brichan Castle. JBut.831
Brigading Day. JBut.936, The
Brisk Young Lads,aka. JBut.462
Britches full Of Sititches,aka. JBut.383, The
British Granedeairs March. JBut.068, The
British Grenadiers,aka. JBut.068, The
British heroes. JBut.590, The
British Leageants. JBut.073, The
British Legions?. JBut.073, The
Brose and Butter,aka. JBut.026
Brother Debters(?). JBut.023
Brothers JBut.468, The
Bruce's Quick Step,aka. JBut.325
Brunswick,aka. JBut.851
Bruses of Marr. JBut.621
Bucket and Water. JBut.937, The
Buff Coat Hath No Fellow,aka. JBut.413, The
Bugal Quick Step JBut.895, A
Bugal Quick Step. JBut.604, A
Bugal Quick Step. JBut.605, A
Bugal Quickstep. JBut.603, A
Buggle Quick Step JBut.910
Bung Your Eye,aka. JBut.242
Bung Your Eye. JBut.462
Bunkers Hill. JBut.188
Buterd Peas. JBut.404
Butlers Favorite JBut.922
Butter'd Peas.aka JBut.404
Butter'd Pease.aka JBut.404
Button Hole. JBut.672, The
Cafseys Irish Gigg. JBut.214
Cairngorm Mountain,aka. JBut.419
Calais Packet,aka. JBut.661, The
Caledonion Ladd. JBut.343, The
Caller Herring. JBut.845
Cambdel More. JBut.811
Cameronian's Hornpipe. JBut.932
Cameronian's Reel or Rant,aka. JBut.151
Cameron's Favourite,aka JBut.993
Campainning A Side Beating. JBut.107 *missing*, The
Camronanens Reel or Rant JBut.151, The
Candle Stick. JBut.409, The
Cape Breton March - 42nd Reg't. JBut.685
Capperfae. JBut.827
Capt Flemings Delight. JBut.593
Capt. Bynes Quick Step. JBut.200
Capt. Hawkes Quickstep. JBut.401
Capt. Pugwash,aka. JBut.579
Capt.ns Rambales. JBut.398, The
Captain And His Whiskers,aka JBut.053, The
Captain and The Pretty Girl of Derby. JBut.271, The
Captain Byrne's Quickstep,aka. JBut.200
Captain Francis Wemyss,aka. JBut.711
Captain Hawkes Quickstep.aka. JBut.401
Captain's Rambles,aka JBut.398, The
Capton and The Prity Girl of Darby. JBut.271, The
Capton Rosses Reel JBut.162
Caraman. JBut.195, La
Carey(?) Gig(?) JBut.143, The
Carlo Militia March JBut.913
Carolan's Favourite Jig,aka. JBut.391
Casey's Irish Jig? JBut.214
Catch Him Sleeping. JBut.400
Cattillian. aka JBut.405, The
Cease Your Funning,aka. JBut.649
Chaist Dianea JBut.369
Chalek Hornpipe. JBut.206
Chapter of Kings. JBut.444, The
Chaptor of Kings. JBut.444, The
Chast Diana. JBut.241
Chaste Diana JBut.369
Chaste Diana. JBut.241
Church Call. JBut.055, The
Circus Dance. JBut.993
City of Paris,aka.  JBut.366
Clan March. JBut.419, The
Clare's Dragoons,aka. JBut.464
Clean Pease Straw. JBut.943
Coaland's Hornpipe. JBut.931
Coares Gigg JBut.147, The
Coateree. JBut.804
Cock and the Hen. JBut.026, The
Cold Kail in Aberdeen. JBut.526A
Cold Winds from Ben Wyviss,aka JBut.368
Coldstream March. JBut.684, The
Colledg Hornpipe. JBut.579, The
Colledge Hornpipe. JBut.574, The
Collerd Herrins. JBut.845
Colnal Mc Donald's Strathspey. JBut.297
Colonal Ston's Favorit Quick Step.  JBut.216
Colonel Byngs Favorit Strathspey. JBut.751
Colonel Dodsworth's Short Troop. JBut.729
Come ashore Jolly Tar With your trousers on. JBut.569
Come Follow Me Over the Border. JBut.875
Come Haste to the Wedding. JBut.288
Come Under My Dimity,aka. JBut.877
Coming Thro the Rye. JBut.838
Conol Dodsworth's Short Troop. JBut.729
Constant Billy,aka. JBut.649
Coolin. JBut.530, The
Copahen Quick Step, JBut.313
Corn Riggs. JBut.935
Cottage On The Moor. JBut.985, The
Cottillion. JBut.405
Count Brown's March,aka. JBut.070
Count Conway's March. JBut.544
Count Degress'es. JBut.733
Counterfaitte. JBut.671, La
Country Dance by N.Dorman. JBut.580
Country Dance. JBut.280, A
Country Dance. JBut.461, A
Country French. JBut.535, A
County of Terone. JBut.029A
County of Tyrone. JBut.029A
Courtney's Rando,aka. JBut.944
Cow's Behind the Haycock. JBut.215, The
Crazie Jane JBut.883
Cropey’s Lye Down. JBut.345
Croppies Lie Down. JBut.345
Cuckoo's Nest Hornpipe aka. JBut.108, The
Cuckows Nest Hornpipe. JBut.108, The
Cumberland Reel
Cuntrey Dans. JBut.280, A
Cuntry Dance. JBut.715a, A
Cupid's Holliday. JBut.221
Dalkeith's Maidens Bridge. JBut.128
Damon and Phyllis
Damond and Fillis. JBut.532
Danish Walts. JBut.973
Danish Waltz. JBut.973
Dantey Daveye JBut.163
Darbyshire March JBut.864, The
Dead March to the 26th Reg. JBut.948, The
Deadly Wars,aka. JBut.588
Dear Tobaco JBut.892, The
Death of Parker. JBut.649, The
Ded March. JBut.97 *missing*, The
Delvin Side. JBut.293
Derbyshire March JBut.864, The
Devil in a Bush,aka. JBut.154, The
Devils Dream,aka. JBut.115, The
Dibdin's Fancey Troop. JBut.284
Dibdin's Plough Boy. JBut.038 (Harmony #40)
Divels Dream. JBut.115, The
Doctor JBut.463, The
Doneys Gray Breeks. JBut.928
Double Drag. JBut.627, A
Double Drag. JBut.722, A
Down the Burn Davy Love JBut.305
Down With the French,aka. JBut.430
Dr. Youngs March JBut.860
Dribbles of Brandy,aka. JBut.259
Drops of Brandy, aka. JBut.012
Drum Major's Frollicks?. JBut.077, The
Drum March. JBut.763, A
Drummagors Frollicks. JBut.077, The
Drummond Castel. JBut.254
Drummonds Gigg JBut.141
Drummors Call. JBut.059, The
Drunk at Night & Dry in the Morning JBut.849
Drunken Drummer. JBut.230, The
Drunken Mason. JBut.951, The
Drunken Parson,aka. JBut.335, The
Drunken Wives of Fachabus. JBut.824, The
Drury Hill. JBut.702
Dubel Quick Time. JBut.328, The
Duble Drag. JBut.047, A
Duble Drag. JBut.627, A
Duble Drag. JBut.722, A
Dublin Volunteers. JBut.449, The
Duchess of Montrose's Reel. JBut.393, The
Ducks Dang O'er My Daddy'O,aka. JBut.413, The
Duet. JBut.318, A
Duke Glorcestor Troop. JBut.775, The
Duke of Glosters March. JBut.519, The
Duke of Perth's Reel JBut.493, The
Duke of Richmond's March. JBut.680, The
Duke of York,aka. JBut.109
Duke of Yorks March. JBut.633, The
Duke of York's New March. JBut.739, The
Duke of York's Short Troop JBut.170
Duke's Hp,aka. JBut.919
Dukes March. JBut.070, The
Dunkirks Chimes. JBut.078
Durham Rangers,aka. JBut.783, The
Dushey for Spoart(?). JBut.016, The
Dusty Miller. JBut.009, The
Dutchess of Gordon's Strathspey. JBut.710, The
Earl of Breadalbane's Birthday. JBut.704
East Nook of Fife. JBut.549, The
East Nook of Five. JBut.549, The
Edinburgh Hp,aka. JBut.109
Edwards’s 1st Troop JBut.847
Eighth Regt Quick Step JBut.918
Eleventh Regt Quickstep,aka. JBut.924
Emperor of Germany's March. JBut.678, The
Eppie McNabb JBut.467
Evening Star. JBut.976, The
Faint and Wearily. JBut.965
Fair Hebe JBut.037
Fair Hobe JBut.037
Fair Maid of Doncaster,aka. JBut.690, The
Fairly Shot of Her,aka. JBut.365
Faithful Irish Man. JBut.439, The
Fall of Paris. JBut.691, The
Farewell To The Highlands,aka. JBut.282
Farrell's Pipes,aka. JBut.794
Farwell JBut.494, The
Farwell Ye Green Fields. JBut.286
Farwell. JBut.205, The
Favouret Scotch Quick Step. JBut.307
Favourite Hornpipe. JBut.422, A
Favrout Irish Jig - A Retreat. JBut.137, A
Feathers. JBut.529, The
Fife Hunt JBut.357
Fifors Delight. JBut.80 *missing*, The
Fiftieth Reg't Quickstep. JBut.930
Fifty Second Regt. Quick Step,aka. JBut.560
Fisher's Hp,aka. JBut.113
Flight JBut.483, The
Flowers of Edinburgh,aka. JBut.110, The
Flowis of Edingborough. JBut.110, The
Follow Her Over the Border,aka. JBut.875
Forty Fifth Regt. Quickstep JBut.351
Forty Fourth Reg't March. JBut.683
Forty fourth Regt. Quick Step JBut.349
Foul Weather Call,aka. JBut.069
Four Seasons. JBut.431, The
Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing,aka.. JBut.414
Fourteenth of October. JBut.040, The
Fourth Revaley. JBut.054, The
Free Masons March. JBut.956, The
French Are. JBut.520, A
French Country Dance JBut.497, A
French Country Dance. JBut.535
French March. JBut.612, A
French Marines March,aka. JBut.072, The
French Moreins March. JBut.072, The
French Slow March JBut.866, A
French Troop. JBut.94 *missing*, The
Funnie Eye JBut.893
Gallant Tipperary Boys,aka. JBut.466, The
Gallaway Jim. JBut.502
Galley Slave. JBut.996, The
Galloway Tom,aka. JBut.502
Galopede. JBut.974
Galway Girls,aka. JBut.382, The
Game Cock. JBut.711, The
Gamet for the Fiddler. JBut.968, A
Garb of Ould Gaul. JBut.623, The
Gardent Angels. JBut.412
Garland of Love. JBut.997, The
Garson's Quadrille,aka. JBut.257
Gathering of Leinster,aka. JBut.877, The
Gee O Dobbin. JBut.263
Genrall. JBut.056, The
German Quick Step. JBut.316, A
German Waltz? JBut.440
Germon Valley. JBut.440, The
Germond March. JBut.101 *missing*, The
Gigg  JBut.145, A
Gigg JBut.146, A
Gigg. JBut.661, A
Gin Ye Wheair Dead Goodman. JBut.782, O
Ginyes(?) Gigg JBut.142
Girl I left Behind me. JBut.247, The
Girls of Lincoln Town. JBut.423, The
Glasgoo Lafses. JBut.426
Glasgow Lasses,aka. JBut.426
Gloster's Reel JBut.153, The
Gloucester Regiment,aka. JBut.379, The
Go to Berwick Jockey. JBut.876
Go To Berwick Johnny,aka. JBut.876
Go to the Devel. JBut.346
Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself, aka.JBut.386
Go to the Divel and Shak Your Self. JBut.628
Goat herd and the Shepherd,aka. JBut.418, The
Gobby O,aka. JBut.641, The
God Save the King JBut.311
Godesses. JBut.799, The
Golly Soldier. JBut.447, The
Gonging Reel JBut.158, The
Goo to the Devel and Shake Your Self. JBut.386
Good Ship Rover. JBut.518, The
Goodbey O. JBut.641, The
Gordins Country Dance. JBut.269
Goyn I Coras. JBut.87 *missing*
Grahams Fancey JBut.801
Gramacheree Molly O.  JBut.319
Grand March in the Bastile JBut.861
Grand Parade,aka. JBut.407, The
Granedeairs March. JBut.066
Green Box,aka. JBut.366, The
Green Grows the Rushes O. JBut.632
Greenitch Farr. JBut.953, The
Greenwich Fair. JBut.953, The
Grinder,aka. JBut.168, The
Groves. JBut.310, The
Guardian Angels, aka. JBut.412
Hair In The Corn. JBut.441, The
Handsome Fellow. JBut.591, The
Hapey Clown. JBut.433
Hapey Meeting. JBut.207, The
Happy Clown. JBut.433
Happy Meeting,aka. JBut.207, The
Hare In The Corn. JBut.441, The
Harmony No 45 - second part
Harts of Oke. JBut.104 *missing*
Hawthorn That Blooms in the Vale. JBut.759, The
Haymakers. JBut.337, The
He that is in Bed With another mans Wife. JBut.334
Hears to All Good Lases A Side Beating. JBut.610
Heart of My Kitty Still Warms to Me,aka. JBut.396, The
Heaving of the Lead. JBut.98 *missing*, The
Helmsley attr. Thomas Olivers,aka
Hemp Drefsers. JBut.673, The
Henards Lodge Song. JBut.677, The
Hendersons Hornpipe. JBut.802
Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May,aka. JBut.388
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush,aka. JBut.388
Hessian Camps,aka. JBut.047, The
Hessian Tattoo,aka. JBut.057, The
Hey My Kitten, My Kitten,aka. JBut.875
Hey My Nanny. JBut.761
Hibernian Frolick,aka. JBut.381
Hibernian Jig,aka. JBut.419, The
High Caul Cap JBut.166, The
High Way to Edingbouragh. JBut.788, The
Highland Dance. JBut.454a, A
Highland Wedding JBut.367, The
Highlander's Jig,aka. JBut.369, The
Highway to Coolam Retreat JBut.874, The
Highway to Linton. JBut.946, The
Hiland Man Kifs'd His Mother JBut.921, The
Hiland Wheding JBut.367, The
Him (Hymn). JBut.967, A
Holey Ha'penny,aka. JBut.147
Holywell Hp,aka. JBut.109
Hon'bl Miss Moule's Favrit. JBut.754, The
Honey Moon. JBut.776, The
Hornpipe (untitled) JBut.894, A
Hornpipe by N.D.(of the)34th Regt. JBut.700, A
Hornpipe. JBut.117, A
Hornpipe. JBut.118, A
Hornpipe. JBut.120
Hornpipe. JBut.124, A
Hornpipe. JBut.127, A
Hornpipe. JBut.507, A
Hornpipe. JBut.511, A
Hornpipe. JBut.525, A
Hornpipe. JBut.583, A
Hornpipe. JBut.584, A
Hornpipe. JBut.614, A
Hornpipe. JBut.645, A
Hornpipe. JBut.646, A
Hornpipe. JBut.723, A
Hornpipe. JBut.783, A
Hornpipe. JBut.787, A
Hornpipe. JBut.789
Hornpipe. JBut.801b, A
Hornpipe. JBut.980, A
Hornpipe. JBut.981, A
Horse In The Pound,aka. JBut.391
Hot Mutton Pyes. JBut.693
Hottentots Troop. JBut.395
How Are You Now My Maid. JBut.747
How Impirfect is Impreshon. JBut.93 *missing*
Howlet and the Weazel,aka. JBut.309, The
Huish the Cat from Under the Table. JBut.458
Humaurs of Graignamanock JBut.489, The
Humers Of Cork. JBut.387, The
Humors Of Cork, aka. JBut.387, The
Humors Of Dublin. JBut.391, The
Humors of the Fair. JBut.265, The
Humors of the Point. JBut.342, The
Humours of Bath,aka. JBut.372, The
Humours Of Cork, aka. JBut.387, The
Humours of Glen,aka. JBut.331, The
Humours of Lochrae. JBut.813, The
Humphries Troop. JBut.731
Humphryes Roundo JBut.907
Hunting The Hare,aka. JBut.661
Hunting We Will Goo. JBut611, A
Hunts Man in Friars Bacon. JBut.450, The
Huson Camps. JBut.047, The
Huson Tattoo. JBut.057, The
Hussian Dragoons. JBut.070, The
Hymn For Easter Day. JBut.1006
Hymn. JBut.585, A
Hyway to Linton. JBut.946, The
I have been Courting at A Lafs. JBut.695
I Lost My Love. JBut.256
I Love My Love for She Loves Me,aka. JBut.014
I Wish I May Die if I do. JBut.666
I Wish You a Merey New Year. JBut.508
If ye kifs my wife Ill tell the minestor. JBut.927
Iland Lad. JBut.85 *missing*, The
I'll Gar Her Be Fain to Follow Me. JBut.797
I'll Make Thee Fain to Follow Me,aka. JBut.797
Ill Wife JBut.160, The
In the Dead of the Night. JBut.994
Indian Queen. JBut.442, The
Inian Quin. JBut.442, The
Instalation March JBut.183, The
Instantlation March JBut.183, The
Iris Gigg. JBut.626, A
Irish Air. JBut.419, An
Irish Dance. JBut.746
Irish Gigg. JBut.950
Irish Girl. JBut.419, The
Irish Hautboy,aka. JBut.720, The
Irish Jig. JBut.626
Irish Lasses. JBut.509
Irish Washer Whomon A Gigg  JBut.144, The
Irish Wedding,aka. JBut.466, The
Isle Of France.JBut.1002, The
Its Within a Mile of Edingborough Town. JBut.111
Jack Grace's Front. JBut.417
Jack Lattin. JBut.076
Jack Light & Airey - A Gigg. JBut.139
Jacks Alive. JBut.636
Jackson over the Water - 1760. JBut.694
Jackson's Bouner Bougher, aka. JBut.385
Jackson's Humours of Panteen. JBut.458
Jackson's Shaving Brush,aka. JBut.257
Jamies Pipes Gans Merrily? JBut.365
Jenny Bang the Weaver. JBut.577
Jessey the Flower of Dunn Blane. JBut.1004
Jessie the Flower O' Dunblane. JBut.1004
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today,aka. JBut.1006
Jims Hornpipe. JBut.208
Job of Germey Whork. JBut.332, A
Job of Journey Work. JBut.332, A
Jockey to the Fair JBut.356
John Anderson My Joe JBut.165
John Bruce's Quick Step,aka. JBut.325
John Millards Hornpipe. JBut.204.
John Milords Hornpipe. JBut.204.
Johnny Cope. JBut.658
Johny Mc Gill. JBut.292
Jokey to the Fair JBut.356
Joley Dick the Lamp Litoer. JBut.202
Jolly Dick the Lamplighter?,aka. JBut.202
Jolly Soldier. JBut.447, The
Jolly Young Waterman. JBut.392, The
Jonn Roy Steuart. JBut.841
Joseph's Frolic. JBut.665
Judes Mackelbeys A March. JBut.86 *missing*
Juniper Hill,aka. JBut.400
Justice Ballance. JBut.410
Keel Rewe Reel. JBut.724, The
Keel Row. JBut.724, The
Kempshot Hunt,aka. JBut.944
Kershaw's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.919
Kifs My Lady. JBut.909
King George's March,aka. JBut.063
King Jorge's March. JBut.063
King of Prusea's March. JBut.064, The
King of Swederlands March. JBut.065, The
King of the Fairies,aka. JBut.503
Kingsbridge Assembly,aka. JBut.371
Kinnegad Slashers,aka. JBut.951
Kiss Her Fast, Her Mother's Coming,aka. JBut.659b
Kiss me fast my mother's coming JBut.475
Kitties Rambels. JBut.396
Kitty's Rambles to Youghall,aka. JBut.396
La Rochelle. JBut.482
Ladey Coventreys Retreat. JBut.031 G (Harmony #39)
Ladey Lusea Mannes Walk. JBut.995
Ladies Breast Knot,aka. JBut.564
Lads A'Bunchum,aka JBut.053
Lads at the Lee. JBut.635
Lad's Dance,aka. JBut.915, The
Lads of Debibora. JBut.193, The
Lads of Dunce JBut.915
Lads of Duns. JBut.915, The
Lads Wi' the Kilts. JBut.686, The
Lady Ann Hope's Strathspey. JBut.255
Lady Ann Steuart. JBut.830
Lady Caroline Lee's Waltz's. JBut.992
Lady Caroline Machintires Delight. JBut.194
Lady Charlote Murray's Strathspey. JBut.707
Lady Dondouns(?). JBut.224
Lady Douns Strathspey. JBut.810
Lady Flashdash,aka. JBut.919
Lady Hariat Montagues Fancy. JBut.752
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel JBut.157
Lady Harriet Montague's Fancy. JBut.752
Lady Lucia Manners' Waltz. JBut.995
Lady Magdlen Sinelaners Strathspey. JBut.294
Lady McDonalds Reel JBut.152
Lady of the Lake,aka. JBut.188
Lady Stormont's Gigg. JBut.559
Lady Wallices Reel. JBut.817
Ladys Plaything. JBut.312, The
Lafs Gin ye Loe me tell me soon. JBut.663
Lafs of  Richman's Hill. JBut.456, The
Lagan Water. JBut.551
Lango Lee. JBut.445
Langstaon Iris Gigg. JBut.794
Langstern Pony,aka. JBut.794, The
Langstrom's Pony,aka. JBut.794
Larey O Brion. JBut.103 *missing*
Larry Grogan JBut.306
Lascelles Hp,aka. JBut.579
Lass and the Money is All My Own,aka. JBut.401, The
Lass and the Money is All My Own,aka. JBut.722, The
Lass of Richmond Hill, The
Lasses of Our Town,aka. JBut.562, The
Lasses of Portsmouth,aka. JBut.430, The
Le Caie. JBut.982
Lea Rigg JBut.301, The
Leaith Harbour. JBut.220
Lee Rigg JBut.301, The
Let Me Alone Ned If You Think Proper, or.... JBut.792
Lichfield Races,aka. JBut.432
Light Infantrey's March. JBut.067, The
Lillie JBut.479, The
Lincoln Hornpipe. JBut.554, The
Lincolnshire March,aka. JBut.188
Lincolon Militia’s Quick Step JBut.360, The
Links of Leith. JBut.589
Linnen Hall. JBut.674
Litchfield Races. JBut.432
Little Gipsy. JBut.594, The
Little House Hunter the Hill. JBut.274, The
Little House Under the Hill. JBut.274, The
Little Hunchback. JBut.769, The
Little Red House in Cardiff,aka. JBut.565
Liverpool. JBut.121, The
Lo He Comes with Clouds Descending,aka
Loch Nefs . JBut.039
Lochails Peebrough. JBut.793
Locheroch Side. JBut.836
Logan Watter. JBut.551
London March. JBut.192, The
London Prentis. JBut.608, The
London Reel. JBut.939
Long Hose Quick Step. JBut.273
Long Odds,aka. JBut.273
Lord Chalenondelys March. JBut.424
Lord Cholmondeleys March,aka. JBut.424
Lord Cornwallace’s March JBut.854
Lord Cornwallis' Jigg, aka. JBut.386
Lord Cornwallis’s March JBut.854
Lord Douns Strathspey. JBut.809
Lord Falconberg's March. JBut.679
Lord Kelly's Reel. JBut.217
Lord Kilworth’s March JBut.859
Lord Lenaxce’s March JBut.868
Lord Lennox’s March JBut.868
Lord Lindsay's March. JBut.770
Lord McDonald's Highlanders March. JBut.682
Lord Moiros Return to Scotland. JBut.999
Lord Seaforths Strathspey. JBut.815
Losetta Quick Step. JBut.272, The
Love is the Case (cause?) of My Mourning JBut.888
Lovely Maley JBut.471
Lovely Mally JBut.471
Lovley Nansey. JBut.028
Loyalist's Hp,aka. JBut.919
Lullaby. JBut.443
Lumps of Pudding,aka. JBut.219
Lundon Reel. JBut.939
Madam Hilingsbord's Reel,aka. JBut.875
Madam Parisott's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.546
Maggie LauderJBut.478
Maggie's Wame,aka. JBut.315
Maggie's Weam is Fu I Trow,aka. JBut.504
Maggy's Wame is Fu & true. JBut.504
Maid in the Morning JBut.140, The
Maid of Lodi. JBut.969, The
Maid of the Mill. JBut.697, The
Mail Coach JBut.495, The
Major John Bruces Quick Step. JBut.325
March from the Battle of Prague,aka. JBut.988
March in the Battle of Prague. JBut.190, A
March of Cromwell. JBut.736
March of Lord McDonald's Highlanders. JBut.682
March of the 22nd Regiment. JBut.662
March of the 22nd Reg't. JBut.681, A
March of the 44th Reg't. JBut.683
March of the Men of Devon,aka. JBut.896
March Troop. JBut.846
March, W.S. Royals,aka. JBut.376
Margate Hoy. JBut.592, The
Marias Frolick. JBut.505
Marseillaise,aka. JBut.612, La
Martins Lain. JBut.1007
Mary Goo Home If You Think Proper JBut.920
Mary The Maid,aka. JBut.242
Mason Laddy JBut.302, The
Mc Pharsons Lament (title added later). JBut.244
McFarlands Reel, aka. JBut.703
McFarlanes Strathspey. JBut.703
McFarlan's Delight. JBut.765
Merry Dancers. JBut.562, The
Merry Lads of Fife. JBut.834, The
Merry Meeting. JBut.403, The
Mifs Camblles Strathspey. JBut.298
Mifs Geddefs Strathspey. JBut.295
Mifs Johnson of Houghton Hall. JBut.964
Mifs Nancy Kennedy's Reel. JBut.820
Mifs Nelly Fergusons Reel. JBut.818
Mifs Wartons Reel. JBut.299
Mile to Ride,aka. JBut.872, A
Milk Maids of Balentrue. JBut.825, The
Mill, Mill O,aka. JBut.588, The
Millars Gigg. JBut.785, The
Miller a Droon. JBut.839, The
Miller of Drone. JBut.839, The
Miller's Rant,aka. JBut.785, The
Miners of Wicklow. JBut.276, The
Minuet. JBut.744, A
Mis Gordon of Thorp's Reel. JBut.553
Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey,aka. JBut.279
Miss Bailies Quick Step. JBut.800
Miss Baker's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.894
Miss Baker's Hornpipe. JBut.622
Miss Betty Robertson's Reel. JBut.807
Miss Campbell's Jig. JBut.767
Miss Carnagie's Hornpipe. JBut.764
Miss Charlote Stirling's Jig. JBut.768
Miss Corbet's Reel. JBut.757
Miss Dawson's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.388
Miss Douglas's Fancy. JBut.698
Miss Garden of Troop,aka. JBut.553
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe,aka. Jbut.993
Miss Jinney Wedderburn. JBut.808
Miss Johnson of Houghton Hall. JBut.964
Miss Locket's Fancy. JBut.558
Miss Lookets Fancey. JBut.558
Miss Manner's,aka. JBut.919
Miss Montgomery of Skelmorlie's Strathspey, aka. JBut.705
Miss Robina Bosuels Strathspey. JBut.805
Miss Robina Boswells Strathspey. JBut.805
Miss Sackville's Fancy JBut.490
Miss Sharp's Fancy. JBut.791
Miss Stewarts of Blairs Reel. JBut.777
Miss Thorps Fancey. JBut.791
Miss Twentyman's Delight,aka. JBut.314
Miss Williamson's Reel. JBut.766
Miss Wimbles Fancey. JBut.556
Miss/Mrs McLeod/McLeod,aka. JBut.393
Moar Neir I Gilberlan. JBut.484
Moll in the Whad. JBut.448
Moll Roe. JBut.877
Molly Maloney,aka. JBut.951
Molroe. JBut.877
Money in Both Pockets JBut.341
Money Musk JBut.370
Morgan Rattler, aka. JBut.385, The
Morgin Ratler. JBut.385
Morning Star JBut.350, The
Morpeth Rant,aka. JBut.233
Mount the Baggage. JBut.835
Mount,aka.  JBut.366, The
Mozart's Waltz. JBut.963
Mr Gordins Fansey. JBut.322
Mr Jacksons Delight. JBut.196
Mr Quinton?s Side Beating Tune. JBut.95 *missing*
Mr. Benton's Hp,aka. JBut.109
Mr. Duvnell's 2nd Short Troop JBut.173
Mr. Duvnell's Short Troop JBut.172
Mr. McLeer's Farwel JBut.303
Mr. Mur of Coldwell's Strathspey JBut.304
Mr. Spence Munro's Jigg. JBut.138
Mrs Bell's Strathsy. JBut.774
Mrs Carmichal of Stirlings Strathspey JBut.753
Mrs Garden of Troop,aka. JBut.553
Mrs Gordon of Troop,aka. JBut.553
Mrs McReadies Strathspey. JBut.806
Mrs. Kennedys Reel. JBut.819
Mrs. MacLoyd. JBut.983
Muirland Willie,aka. JBut.690
Mullindough or the Black Laddie, JBut.712, The
Mullowny's Gigg. JBut.533
Munro's Rant. JBut.709
Munster Lafs A Singal Dragg ~.  JBut.719, The
Murphy Delaney. JBut.792
My Friend & Pitcher. JBut.749
My Husband's Got No Courage in Him. JBut.986
My Lord’s a Fumeler JBut.870
My Loves but a Lasey Yet . JBut.129
My Mothers Aye Glowering Oer Me. JBut.957
Nancy Dauson. JBut.388
Nancy Dawson. JBut.388
Nancy Vorneen. JBut.979
Nativity. JBut.1008
Neopolitan Threshers. JBut.308, The
New Allemond Quick Step. JBut.285, The
New Castle Short Troop. JBut.756, The
New Hiland Laddie. JBut.784, The
New Lango Lee,aka. JBut.445
New March. JBut.696, A
New May Moon,aka. JBut.466, The
New Sylph,aka. JBut.801b
Niel Gow JBut.159
Nightingale. JBut.955, The
Nightingall. JBut.714, The
Ninth Regt Quick Step. JBut.919
No No Not I My Love. JBut.024
No Title. JBut.798
Nobody Coming to Marry Me. JBut.970
None So Pretty,aka. JBut.649
Noney Cremor. JBut.389
Nora Creena,aka. JBut.389
Norfolk Hornpipe. JBut.929
North Country Lass,aka. JBut.392, The
North Lincoln Quick Step JBut.359, The
Northern Lass,aka. JBut.690, The
Nothing So Sweet As Love. JBut.984
Nottingham Castle JBut.473
Number One Hornpipe,aka, JBut.606
Nymph. JBut.451, The
O The Britches. JBut.383
O What My Bomey Graney Was. JBut.375
Oer Boggie. JBut.816
Oer the Hills and Far Awa. JBut.515
Of All the Arts the Wind Can Blow. JBut.279
Off She Goes Sirr. JBut.740
Old Figary O,aka. JBut.466, The
Old Grenadier,aka. JBut.066, The
Old Iland Ladey. JBut.83 *missing*, The
Old Robing Gray. JBut.91 *missing*
Old Toler. JBut.531
Old Towler,aka. JBut.531
One Bottle More. JBut.886
Opera Hornpipe. JBut.966, The
Oragho Whater Fall. JBut.446
Ores March. JBut.135, The
Ould Rodger Decovley(*). JBut.035
Oxford Scoller. JBut.434, The
Paddies Voyage. JBut.884
Paddy O'Carey. JBut.990
Paddy O'Rafferty With Variations
Paddy the Piper,aka. JBut.794
Paddy's Wedding,aka. JBut.466
Padey Oraffarty With Variations. JBut.795
Pady Wack. JBut.330
Pady's Refource. JBut.670
Pandean Dance in Tekeli. JBut.971
Parisot's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.546
Parson in His Boots. JBut.261, The
Parting Kiss JBut.488, The
Patrick O Neale. JBut.291
Patrick O'Neal. JBut.242
Patrick's Day in the Morning A Quick Step. JBut.336
Patricks' Day in the Morning with Variations. JBut.545
Patties Whim,aka. JBut.401
Peacock Followed the Hen,aka. JBut.026
Peal On 2 Bells. JBut.1000, A
Peas A Pon Atrenchor. JBut.250
Peas Upon A Trencher. JBut.250
Pease Bridge A Strathspey JBut.586
Pedlar. JBut.005, The
Pegey Band. JBut.002
Peggey's Love. JBut.547
Peggy Bawn,aka. JBut.002
Peggy Bon,aka. JBut.002
Pensioner's Folly,aka. JBut.877
Persian Dance. JBut.974, The
Perth Shire Hunt. JBut.706
Perthshire Voluntears Strathspey. JBut.780, The
Petit Bossu. JBut.769, Le
Pholin O Gristy. JBut.537
Pinkie's House. JBut.394
Pinky House.aka  JBut.394, The
Pionears March. JBut.134a, The
Piss On The Grass,aka. JBut.388
Planxty Mary O'Neill,aka. JBut.391, The
polonefs. JBut.667, La
Poor but an Honnist Soldier. JBut.588, A
Poor Little Sweep. JBut.972, The
Poor Negero JBut.871, The
Poor Paddy. JBut.717
Poor Soldier. JBut.257, The
Portpatrick,aka. JBut.401
Portugues Air. JBut.527, A
Prayermaster Jig,aka. JBut.242, The
Prefs No Me JBut.872
Prickley March. JBut.049, The
Priest in His Boots. JBut.261, The
Prince Eugene's March?. JBut.074
Prince Eugene's Short Troop. JBut.911
Prince Hugains March. JBut.074
Prince Lonarians(?) March. JBut.189
Prince of Wales' Fansey. JBut.323, The
Prince of Whailefs March JBut.176, The
Prince of Whailse's Fansey. JBut.323, The
Prince Royal or Rodneys Glory. JBut.652
Prince William of Gloster's Walts. JBut.962
Prince William of Gloucester's Waltz. JBut.962
Princess Royal,aka. JBut.652
Prudence. JBut.032
Queen's Minuet? JBut.630
Quen's Minuet. JBut.630
Quick March 1st. Battn.aka. JBut.381 Royals
Quick Step 25th,aka. Reg.t
Quick Step 33d. Reg.t,aka. JBut.380
Quick Step by JB. JBut.616, A
Quick Step by ND. JBut.576, A
Quick Step by Walter Tilley,34 Reg't. JBut.715b
Quick Step JBut.348, A
Quick Step JBut.353, A
Quick Step JBut.354, A
Quick Step JBut.355, A
Quick Step JBut.358, A
Quick Step JBut.361, A
Quick Step JBut.362, A
Quick Step JBut.363, A
Quick Step JBut.364, A
Quick Step JBut.368, A
Quick Step JBut.371, A
Quick Step JBut.372, A
Quick Step JBut.373, A
Quick Step JBut.374, A
Quick Step JBut.496, A
Quick Step JBut.896, A
Quick Step JBut.900, A
Quick Step South Fencibles aka. JBut.379
Quick Step to the 11th Reg't. JBut.924
Quick Step to the 17th Regt. JBut.538, A
Quick Step to the 2nd Regment JBut.352
Quick Step to the 33 Regiment. JBut.380
Quick Step to the 44 Regment JBut.349
Quick Step to the 45 Regment JBut.351
Quick Step to the 4th Batt of Royals. JBut.381
Quick Step to the 50th Reg't. JBut.930
Quick Step to the 52nd Regvvxxzzment. JBut.560
Quick Step to the 8th Regt JBut.918
Quick Step to the 9th Regt JBut.919
Quick Step to the Scotch Royals. JBut.218
Quick Step to the W.S. Royals. JBut.690
Quick Step, Untitled. JBut.1005
Quick Step, Untitled. JBut.377, A
Quick Step, Untitled. JBut.378
Quick Step, Untitled. JBut.725, A
Quick Step. JBut.203, A
Quick Step. JBut.211, A
Quick Step. JBut.213, A
Quick Step. JBut.219, A
Quick Step. JBut.225
Quick Step. JBut.226
Quick Step. JBut.229, A
Quick Step. JBut.231, A
Quick Step. JBut.233, A
Quick Step. JBut.237, A
Quick Step. JBut.238, A
Quick Step. JBut.239, A
Quick Step. JBut.240, A
Quick Step. JBut.246, A
Quick Step. JBut.251, A
Quick Step. JBut.252, A
Quick Step. JBut.253, A
Quick Step. JBut.259, A
Quick Step. JBut.260
Quick Step. JBut.262, A
Quick Step. JBut.266, A
Quick Step. JBut.267, A
Quick Step. JBut.268, A
Quick Step. JBut.281, A
Quick Step. JBut.282, A
Quick Step. JBut.289, A
Quick Step. JBut.314, A
Quick Step. JBut.316, A
Quick Step. JBut.317, A
Quick Step. JBut.320, A
Quick Step. JBut.330, A
Quick Step. JBut.331, A
Quick Step. JBut.333, A
Quick Step. JBut.335, A
Quick Step. JBut.413, A
Quick Step. JBut.421, A
Quick Step. JBut.425, A
Quick Step. JBut.428
Quick Step. JBut.435, A
Quick Step. JBut.436, A
Quick Step. JBut.453, A
Quick Step. JBut.454, A
Quick Step. JBut.455, A
Quick Step. JBut.457, A
Quick Step. JBut.459, A
Quick Step. JBut.500, A
Quick Step. JBut.501, A
Quick Step. JBut.522, A
Quick Step. JBut.523, A
Quick Step. JBut.526, A
Quick Step. JBut.536, A
Quick Step. JBut.539, A
Quick Step. JBut.540, A
Quick Step. JBut.541, A
Quick Step. JBut.542
Quick Step. JBut.550, A
Quick Step. JBut.555, A
Quick Step. JBut.557, A
Quick Step. JBut.563, A
Quick Step. JBut.572, A
Quick Step. JBut.573, A
Quick Step. JBut.581
Quick Step. JBut.582. A,
Quick Step. JBut.600, A
Quick Step. JBut.602, A
Quick Step. JBut.606, A
Quick Step. JBut.629, A
Quick Step. JBut.631, A
Quick Step. JBut.632
Quick Step. JBut.634, A
Quick Step. JBut.642, A
Quick Step. JBut.644, A
Quick Step. JBut.648, A
Quick Step. JBut.651, A
Quick Step. JBut.659b, A
Quick Step. JBut.660, A
Quick Step. JBut.687, A
Quick Step. JBut.688, A
Quick Step. JBut.716, A
Quick Step. JBut.734, A
Quick Step. JBut.738, A
Quick Step. JBut.790, A
Quick Step. JBut.938
Quickstep JBut.499, A
Quickstep, Untitled. JBut.384, A
Quickstep. JBut.244, A
Quickstep. JBut.245, A
Quickstep. JBut.399, A
Quickstep. JBut.402, A
Quiver the Quilt JBut.901
Rachelle JBut.482, La
Rakes of Kilkenny. JBut.647, The
Rakes of Mallow. JBut.270, The
Rakes of Westmeath,aka. JBut.874, The
Rakes of Westmeath. JBut.758, The
Rakes of Westmouth. JBut.758, The
Rangers Fancey. JBut.212
Rangers Frolic,aka. JBut.212
Ranger's Frolic,aka. JBut.324
Rantin' Roarin' Willie,aka. JBut.015
Ranty Tanty. JBut.201
Ratha Fair. JBut.708
Recovery. JBut.975, The
Recruiting Segeant. JBut.114, The
Red House,aka. JBut.565
Reel JBut.154, A
Reel JBut.155, A
Reel JBut.156, A
Reel of Toloughgorum. JBut.575, The
Reel of Tulloghgoram. JBut.942
Reel. JBut.513, A
Reel. JBut.514, A
Reel. JBut.821, A
Reel. JBut.826, A
Reel. JBut.828, A
Reel. JBut.833, A
Reel. JBut.840, A
Reel. JBut.940, A
Reel. JBut.941
Regency, JBut.1001, The
Retreat JBut.878
Retreat JBut.881
Retreat JBut.885
Retreat JBut.887, A
Retreat JBut.889, A
Retreat JBut.891, A
Retreat JBut.897, A
Retreat JBut.898, A
Retreat. JBut.003, A
Retreat. JBut.006, A
Retreat. JBut.007, A
Retreat. JBut.008, A
Retreat. JBut.010, A
Retreat. JBut.011, A
Retreat. JBut.015, A
Retreat. JBut.017, A
Retreat. JBut.018, A
Retreat. JBut.020, A
Retreat. JBut.021, A
Retreat. JBut.025, A
Retreat. JBut.027, A
Retreat. JBut.029, A
Retreat. JBut.030, A
Retreat. JBut.036, A
Retreat. JBut.243, A
Retreat. JBut.524, A
Retreat. JBut.742, A
Retreat. JBut.958, A
Retreat. JBut.959, A
Retreat. JBut.960, A
Revaley or the Copahen Quick Step, JBut.313, A
Richerd's Hornpipe JBut.906
Rifal Jockey - A Hornpipe (Incomplete). JBut.122, The
Rish Brigader. JBut.84 *missing*, The
Risings of the Troop. JBut.061, The
Rival Hornpipe,aka JBut.122, The
Rivan's Rant. JBut.258
Roast Beef of Old England. JBut.223, The
Robin O'Christy? JBut.537
Robinson Crusoe,aka. JBut.366
Rochester Lasses. JBut.227
Rock and Wee Pickle Tow JBut.916, The
Rock and Wee Pickle Tow. JBut.952, A
Rodney's Glory,aka. JBut.652
Rofs Castel. JBut.102 *missing*
Roger De Coverley,aka. JBut.035
Roges March. JBut.136, The
Rogues March,aka. JBut.136
Role in the Haycock. JBut.222
Rosetta? Quick Step. JBut.272, The
Rosie Morning. JBut.954, The
Rosling Castel. JBut.88 *missing*
Rossie House. JBut.771
Rosy Morning. JBut.954, The
Round the World for Spoart. JBut.543
Roxburagh Castle. JBut.812
Roxburgh Castle. JBut.812
Royal Scotch Slow March JBut.180, The
Roy's Wife (of Aldivalloch),aka. JBut.477
Ruffians Rant JBut.477, The
Rule Britania. JBut.82 *missing*
Runaway. JBut.278, The
Saddle the Pony,aka. JBut.794
Sailor Laddie JBut.347
Sailors are all at the Bar,aka. JBut.371, The
Salley McGee. JBut.786
Sally Kelly. JBut.832
Salt Fish and Dumplings. JBut.130
Sandra Cameron's March,aka. JBut.191
Sandy O'er the Lee. JBut.510
Sark. JBut.978, The
Saton's Island. A Hornpipe. JBut.119,
Saylor Jack JBut.164
Saylors are Bound for All Weather. JBut.607
Scotch Bamble,aka. JBut.951
Scotch Grays March. JBut.069, The
Scotch Quick Step. JBut.327, A
Scotch Reel JBut.149, A
Scotch Reel JBut.150, A
Scotch Reel. JBut.264
Scotch Reel. JBut.653, A
Scotch Retreat. JBut.033, A
Scotch Revaley. JBut.051, The
Scotch Tune. JBut.418, A
Scotch. JBut.320, A
Scots Greys March. JBut.069
Secilian Peasent. JBut.571, The
Second Church Call. JBut.062, The
Second Dubble Drag. JBut.048, The
Second Regt. Quick Step JBut.352
Second Revaley. JBut.052, The
See See Ye Swains yon Streaks of Red. JBut.657
See the Conkring Hearo Comes. JBut.105 *missing*
Self. JBut.998, The
Settee. JBut.427, The
Seventeenth Regt. Quick Step. JBut.538
Sham Fight. JBut.429, The
Shandy. JBut.034, The
Shannys Pipes Gains Merely JBut.365
She Wants A Fellow,aka. JBut.413
Sheela Na Gig?aka. JBut.022
Shepoards Quick Step. JBut.803, The
Shepords I have Lost My Love. JBut.92 *missing*
Shilling a Gig(?Jig). JBut.022, A
Shirley's Fancy JBut.472
Short Troop JBut.171, A
Short Troop JBut.174, A
Short Troop JBut.175, A
Short Troop Prince Eugains JBut.911, A
Short Troop. JBut.638, A
Short Troop. JBut.639, A
Short Troop. JBut.640, A
Short Troop. JBut.650, A
Short Troop. JBut.726, A
Short Troop. JBut.732, A
Short Troop. JBut.741, A
Short Troop. JBut.762, A
Short Troop. JBut.781, A
Shropshire Militia Hornpipe. JBut.934
Sicilian March,aka. JBut.433
Sicilian Peasant. JBut.571
Side Beating For Tatoo. JBut.748, A
Side Beating. JBut.718, A
Sidmouth Races, A New Country Dance. JBut.460
Simon Brodie JBut.481
Simpsons Troop. JBut.844
Singel Dragg. JBut.601, A
Singel Dragg. JBut.609, A
Singel Dragg. JBut.613
Singel Dragg. JBut.615, A
Singel Dragg. JBut.624, A
Single Drag by (name illegible). JBut.655, A
Single Drag. JBut.720, A
Single Drag. JBut.721, A
Singul(Single). JBut.517
Sir Alex McDonald's Reel. JBut.570
Sir Garge Kornagies Strathspey. JBut.829
Sir George Carnegies Strathspey. JBut.829
Sir John Malcolm JBut.492
Sir Roger De Coverley,aka. JBut.035
Sister Sarah,aka. JBut.880
Siugue. JBut.517
Sixteenth of May. JBut.275, The
Skye Air. JBut.420, A
Slashers,aka. JBut.951
Slinging Top Sail - A Hornpipe. JBut.125, The
Slow March in Ramaden JBut.862, A
Slow March JBut.178, A
Slow March JBut.179, A
Slow March JBut.182, A
Slow March JBut.855, A
Slow March JBut.856, A
Slow March JBut.857, A
Slow March JBut.858, A
Slow March JBut.865, A
Slow March JBut.867
Slow March or Long Troop. JBut.552, A
Slow March, aka. JBut.733, A
Slow March. JBut.184, A
Slow March. JBut.185, A
Slow March. JBut.186, A
Slow March. JBut.187, A
Slow March. JBut.191, A
Slow March. JBut.543, A
Slow March. JBut.561, A
Slow March. JBut.643
Slow March. JBut.989, A
Smash The Windows. JBut.987
Smiling Polly, aka. JBut.724
Soldier I havn for a Lady JBut.366, A
Soldier's Joy. JBut.131, The
Soldier's Return,aka. JBut.588
Song. JBut.100 *missing*, A
Song. JBut.617, A
Song. JBut.713, A
Song. JBut.745, A
South Fencebles Quick Step. JBut.379, The
Spanish Dollar,aka. JBut.109
Spanish Jigg JBut.914
Speed the Plough. JBut.735
Spinning Wheel JBut.491, The
Sportsman's Hornpipe,aka. JBut.540
St Brides Bells. JBut.406
St. Bride's Bells.aka JBut.406
Star Hp,aka. JBut.919, The
Staten Island.aka. JBut.119
Stoney Steps - A Hornpipe. JBut.123, The
Stumpiy. JBut.197
Stumpy,aka. JBut.197
Sue Broulied I was Kisst Yestreen. JBut.796
Sufsie. JBut.668
Sukey Bids Me. JBut.075
Sun Beams. JBut.408, The
Surrender of Toulon. JBut.598, The
Sussex Polka,aka. JBut.933
Swallow. JBut.528, The
Swansea Hornpipe. JBut.977, The
Sweet Betsey Blosam. JBut.99 *missing*
Sweet Chor? O'Neal. JBut.019
Sweet Pall of Plymouth A Song. JBut. 619
Swift Revaley. JBut.050, The
Sword Reel JBut.161, The
Sylph,aka. JBut.801b
Talleyihogh the Grynder JBut.168
Tally Ho The Grinder,aka. JBut.168
Tank. JBut.978, The
Tars of Old England. JBut.96 *missing*, The
Tattoo. JBut.060, The
Tekili,aka. JBut.982
Telegraph. JBut.321, The
Tenth Regt. Quickstep. JBut.324
Thalia,aka. JBut.380
Thare Is Na Luck About the House JBut.903
Theodore. JBut.961, The
There Came A Young Man,aka. JBut.242
There Came a Young Man,aka. JBut.462
Third Reg't of Guards Quick Step. JBut.407, The
Third Revaley. JBut.053, The
This is Not My Ain House JBut.486
This is Not My own house. JBut.659a
Three Camps. JBut.046, The
Three Captons. JBut.209, The
Three Sea Captains,aka. JBut.209
Tilley Fowler in the Glen. JBut.296
Tink A Tink. JBut.389
Tiporary Quick Step JBut.466, The
Tipperary Quick Step JBut.466, The
Tit for Tat. JBut.675
To Armes. JBut.058
To Armes.aka. JBut.399
To Rodney We will Go. JBut.689
to the  Weaver gin ye go. JBut.664
To the 10th Regt. JBut.324
To the 25th Reg't. JBut.376
Tobias the Grinder,aka. JBut.168
Too Late for Breakfast. A Quick Step. JBut.578
Torryburn Lasses,aka. JBut.156
Trip to Dunkirk. JBut.595, A
Trip to Gibraltar. J.But.596, A
Trip To Ireland. JBut.411, A
Trip to Oatland,aka. JBut.283, A
Trip to Scotland. JBut.283, A
Trip to Sligo JBut.470, A
Trip To The Laundry. JBut.416, A
Troop JBut.848, A
Troop JBut.850, A
Troop JBut.851, A
Troop Minero JBut.912
Troop. JBut.041, A
Troop. JBut.042, A
Troop. JBut.043, A
Troop. JBut.044, A
Troop. JBut.045, A
Troop. JBut.730, A
Troopers JBut.917, The
Trumpet Air. JBut.210, A
Trumpet Hornpipe,aka. JBut.579
Tulbury Castle. JBut.597
Tumblers Hp,aka. JBut.980
Turkish March. JBut.988
Tutbury? Castle. JBut.597
Twas Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town aka. JBut.111
Tweed's Side JBut.465,The
Twenty Second Regt. March,aka. JBut.681
Twenty Second Regt. March. JBut.662
Twentysixth Reg Dead March. JBut.948, The
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,aka J.But.485
Union. JBut. 618, The
Up Wi Tallie Now A. JBut.880
Up Wit Allie Now,aka. JBut.880
Up With Aily,aka. JBut.880
Valenciens March. JBut.737
Vicar and Moses. JBut.290, The
Vivlaz the French is Coming JBut.464
Voila, the French is Coming(?) JBut.464
Wakefield Hunt,aka. JBut.196
Walking of the Field? JBut.167, The
Wallpoole,aka. JBut.433
Waltz of Capri(?) JBut.001
Wandring Sailor. JBut.750, The
Wars on the Oaceon JBut.890
Warwickshire Lads & Lasses. JBut.287, The
Washington Hp,aka. JBut.980
Way to Get Married. JBut.699, The
We Will Down With the Frensh. JBut.430
Weazle A Sleep. JBut.309, The
Weddeburn Huse. JBut.587
Wedderburn House. JBut.587
Wedding Day. JBut.234, The
Wedding Shoes,aka JBut.372
Well A Goo to Kelso. JBut.338
Well Done Jack. JBut.438
Welsh's Hp? JBut.116
West Loaland Quick Step. JBut.926
West Lowland Quick Step. JBut.926
West Sussex Royals Quickstep. JBut.690
West's Hornpipe JBut.498
Whalking of the Feld JBut.167, The
What a Beau My Granny Was,aka. JBut.375
Whatel JBut.177, The
Whatel(?). JBut.012, The
Whell Dun Jack, A Quick Step. JBut.438
Whelshe's Hornpipe. JBut.116
When I follow'd A Lass. JBut.512
When she came ben she bobit JBut.474
Wher Will our goodman Lye. JBut.565
Whight Cockaide. JBut.132, The
Whigs of Fife. JBut.676, The
Whip Her and Gird Her,aka. JBut.212
Whip Her and Gird Her,aka. JBut.324
Whip Her Below the Covering,aka. JBut.875
Whip. JBut.599, The
White Cockade,aka. JBut.132, The
White Joak. JBut.567
Why Should I Not Like My Love. JBut.014
Widow Bewiched in her Pashon. JBut.248, The
Widow Bewitched in her Passion. JBut.248, The
Widow’s Rant JBut.368, The
Wight Jock. JBut.567
Will the Barber,aka. JBut.239
Will Ye Come ?  Belt Me Tight  Retreat JBut.869
Willie Was a Wanton Wag,aka. JBut.464
Wish the Cat from Hunder the Tabal. JBut.458
Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town aka. JBut.111
Woo'd and Married An' All,aka. JBut.033
Wood's Hornpipe. JBut.701
Wounded Hussay. JBut.728, The
Yankey Dudle with Vareyations JBut.905
Yarmouth Reel. JBut.974
Yea  Sons of England. JBut.1003
Yellow Hair'd Laddie. JBut.004, The
Yeumors of Glin. JBut.331,The
Ymdaith gwyr dyfneint,aka. JBut.896
York Races. JBut.548
Yorkshire Hornpipe. JBut.133, The
Young Mans Dream. JBut.949, The
Young May Moon,aka. JBut.466, The
Yumors of the Point. JBut.342, The

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