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English Session Tunes

What do you play when you’re in a “Mainly English” session with musicians you’ve just met for the first time?

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This is a selection of tunes that I hope will be useful to those hoping to mix with other musicians interested in the current English repertoire. It needed to be compact enough to be comprehensible, but large enough to be an evening’s entertainment. I have tried to limit it to tunes that pretty much everybody on the scene is, or aspires to be, familiar with. They are arranged in “sets” as I play them, but they're not carved in stone. 
There exist a range of good tune books for when you want to get deeper in, and you will find a list of them HERE.

Beatrice Hill’s(D)/Albert Farmer’s(D)
Swiss Boy(D)/Foul Weather Call(D)
The Quaker(G+D)
Speed the Plough(G)/Rochdale Coconuts(G)
Walter Bulwer’s #2(G+D)/ Walter Bulwer’s #1(G)
Bownan’s(G)/Sussex Polka(G)
Waterloo Dance(G)
Fred Pigeon’s 1&3(G)
Fred Pigeon’s 2(G)/Sussex Bonny Breast Knot(G)
The Sloe(D)/Herbert Smith(D)/Dark Girl Dressed in Blue(G)
Down the Road Went Polly(G)/ See Me Dance the Polka(G)

3 Around 3(G)/Bodmin Riding March(G)

Father’s Polka(G) [48 bar]

Harper’s Frolick(D)/Bonny Kate(G)
Scan Tester’s Polka(G)/Scan’s No2(G)
Scan Tester’s Country Stepdances(G+G)
Morpeth Rant(G)+(D)

Sadler’s Wells(G)/Butchers(G)
Gipsy Hp(D)/Ashley’s(G)/Coleford Jig(D)
Sportsman Hp(G)/Bridge of Lodi(D)
Gloucestershire(G)/Polly Put the Kettle On(G)

Will Atkinson’s Schottische(G)
Harry Cox’s(G)/Over the Hills to Glory(D)

Lemmy Brazils #2(D)/Enrico(D)
Grand Hornpipe(G)
George Green’s(G)/Nelly’s Hat(G)
Bielbie’s(G)/Kirkgate H’p(G)

Harlequin Air(D)/Shropshire Lass(D)

Michael Turner’s Waltz(G)/Lovely Nancy(G)
Nutley Waltz(G)

Rig-a-Jig-Jig(G)/Off She Goes(D)
Woodland Flowers(G)/Uncle Jim’s Barndance(G)
Roman Wall(G)/Seven Stars(D)
Michael Turner’s Month of May(G)/Capt.Lanoe’s(G)
Over the Water to Charlie(D)/Haste to the Wedding(D)
Weymouth Quickstep(D) [64 bar]
Paddy Carey(G)/Morgan Rattler(D) [48 bar]

Here is another bunch of tunes in PDF, that I am hosting for The Duke of Wellington Session in London

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