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A short manuscript, some psalms, some dance tunes.

Only the dance tunes have been transcribed, by Ruairidh Greig.

From the village of Scotter, Lincolnshire.
The MS is held at The Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe, in the Ethel Rudkin Papers.

James Sailes Scotter 1828
Feb 13th
James Sailles
James Sailes 1837
James Taylor

Most tunes are in one hand, a few tunes in a different hand have been added
There is a short, incomplete index inside the back cover in the added hand
Also, in a much later, 20th century hand in blue ink "Mrs. Rudkin, Willoughby, Gainsborough"

At least one leaf appears to be missing.

From Ruairidh Greig by email:-

Brian Dawson told the story that Mrs Rudkin lent the MS to a blind musician who was using it outside and some pages blew away. He said that he had already transcribed some tunes from it, including "Gallop to Fulbeck" and "The Loveden March." Why a blind musician would want to borrow a MS escapes me, but the missing page might support the story. Bob Pacey, Mrs Rudkin's literary executor reckoned it was all there.

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