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Transcribed from a manuscript in the Farne online collection, dated 1833

Transcribed into ABC Music Notation for The Village Music Project by Mike Hicken, Steve Mansfield and Anne Wride

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Matt Seattle's notes from the Farne website:-

This fascinating manuscript is from the collection of Graham Jenkins. It is dated 1833, but nothing more is known about it apart from the compiler's name, John Hall, and the internal evidence of the music. Hall was evidently not a fiddler as the tunes are mainly transposed to a higher pitch than usual. Some kind of wind instrument is likely, especially as a few of the items appear to be sketch wind band arrangements or band harmony parts. The book may have originated in West Northumberland as there are some unique items with local titles (Bellingham Hiring and Allenheads Feast). There is an intriguingly early appearance of the Corn Riggs variations later associated with the Clough family, and several other distinctly local tunes. As with many local collections there is a fair proportion of Scottish tunes as well as the ballroom tunes of the day, showing the eclectic kind of repertoire that a 19th century (village?) musician might be expected to have.

Collection description : Early nineteenth century tune book compiled by John Hall

Period : 1801-1840

Height : 14 cm

Width : 23 cm

Held by : Graham Wells

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