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1. Introduction

2. Transcribers

3. Index of tunes


A typical English manuscript of the mid-Victorian period, in a private collection. It appears to be in one hand.

It was bought in the late 1960s in an old junk shop in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which is about 14 miles from Sheffield.

The only inscription reads
"Robert C. (or a scrolly F?) Dalton, Sheffield
Attercliffe John"

Another page has

Nothing else is known about it.

Searches on Ancestry etc have not positively identified Robert C. Dalton, from several possible contenders.


The manuscript has been transcribed into ABC for the Village Music Project, with the owner's permission, by the following team of volunteers:-

#1-7 by Quinton Cumbes
#8-17 by Rob Lands
#18-26 by Anne Wride
#27-35 by Steve Dumpleton
#36-44 by Mike Hicken
#45-54 by Peter Kanssen
#55-62 by Taz Tarry
#63-71 by Roger Hare
#72-81 by Ruairidh Greig
#82-90 by Edmund Spriggs
#91-100 by Eric Conrad
#101-110 by David Jacobs
#111-120 by Steve Mansfield
#121-130 by John Gibbons
#131-142 by Greg Bradfield-Smith
#143-149 by Steve Mansfield
#150-152 by Taz Tarry


Afghan March. Dal.095, The
All things love thee. Dal.052
Arioso. Dal.007
Bang Up. Dal.119
Bath Waltz. Dal.085
Be Quick for I'm in Haste. Dalton.123
Beautiful Rhine. Dal.003
Campbells are Coming. Dal.111
Chapter Of Kings. Dal.141
Chatsworth House. Dal.110
College Hornpipe,aka. Dal.002
Come Haste to The Wedding. Dal.103
Corporal Casey. Dal.011
Dance. Dal.057
Dashing White Sergeant. Dal.106
Drops Of Brandy. Dal.139
Duke of Kent's Favourite Waltz. Dal.070
Duke of York's March. Dal.077/78
Duncan Gray. Dal.080
Engel Walzer. Dal.094
Fortune Teller. Dal.069, The
Gallop in Gustavus. Dal.040
Gallopade. Dal.059
Gallopade. Dal.086
Gary Owen. Dal.108
Ge Ho Dobbin. Dal.137
German Legion March. Dal.083
Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself. Dal.134
Gramachree Molly. Dal.013
Grand March by Webb. Dal.001
Green Grow The Rushes O. Dalton.124
Green Hills of Tyrol. Dal.063, The
Gypsying. Dal.009
Happiest Day in all my Life. Dal.117, The
Happy Land. Dal.005
Hay Makers. Dal.099
Hungarian Waltz. Dal.065
Hunting The Hare. Dal.135
Huntsman's Chorus. Dal.152, The
I have come from a Happy Land. Dal.022
If the Heart of a Man,aka. Dal.038
Irish Washerwoman. Dal.097
Irish Waterman Dal.136, The
Is she not passing Fair. Dal.047
Italian Monferino. Dal.118
Jack's Alive. Dal.109
Jenny's Bawbee,aka. Dal.081
Jig. Dal.144
Jockey To The Fair. Dal.131
John of Paris. Dal.113
Julia to the Wood Robin. Dal.54
Jump Jim Crow. Dal.034
Just in Time.Dal.053
Just so in the North. Dal.120
Kate and David. Dal.044
Kick The World Before Me. Dal.140
King of Prussia's March. Dal.096, The
Kinlock. Dal.100
Kitty of Colleraine. Dal.058
La Poule. Dal.062
Labitsky's Aurora Waltz. Dal.046
Lady Dundas's Reel. Dalton.127
Lady of the Lake. Dalton.128
Lass Of Richmond Hill. Dal.010, The
Les Lanciers. Dal.061
Little Drummer. Dal.027, The
Liverpool Hornpipe. Dal.146
London March. Dal.050
Long Long Ago. Dal.014
Lord Macdonald's Reel. Dal.092
Loyalist's Hornpipe. Dal.142
Madam del Caro's Hornpipe. Dal.036
Maid of Judah. Dal.151, The
Merrily Danc'd The Quakers. Dal.105
Merrily Goes the Mill. Dal.025
Miss Sitwell’s Fancy. Dal.019
Miss West's Fancy. Dal.035
Money In Both Pockets. Dal.143
Money Musk. Dal.102
Mozart’s Waltz. Dal.020
My Love is but a Lassie Yet. Dal.076
Nancy’s Fancy or... Dal.084
Nature's Gay Day. Dal.066
New Rigg'd Ship. Dal.114
Nightingale Waltz. Dal.079
Nightingale. Dal.033, The
None So Pretty. Dal.004
Nothing like a Wooden Trencher. Dal.145
Off She Goes. Dal.101
Oh! Nanny. Dal.042/43
Old English Gentleman. Dal.012, The
Omnibus. Dalton.121, The
On the Banks of Allan Water. Dal.051
Over the Water to Charlie. Dal.132
Oyster Girl. Dal.138, The
Paddy Carrol. Dalton.129
Paddy Whack. Dalton.122
Paris Galloppe. Dal.075
Pavilion Waltz. Dal.090
Pavilion. Dal.093, The
Persian Dance. Dalton.130
Polka as danced by Mddle Grise. Dal.150, The
Polka Dance. Dal.149
Porter's Quick Step. Dalton.125
Pray Goody. Dal.008
Punch's Hornpipe. Dal.049
Punch's Pas Seul. Dal.098
Quadrille. Dal.072
Quadrille. Dal.074
Quadrille. Dal.088
Reel Cut Time. Dal.107
Richers Hornpipe. Dal.015
Robin Adair. Dal.029
Rory O Moore. Dal.031
Rosa Waltz. Dal.073
Royal Quick Step. Dal.024
Royal Tower. Dal.068, The
Sadler's Balloon. Dal.056
Scotch Reveilly. Dal.006, A
Shooters Reel. Dal.023
Sir Rodger De Coverly. Dal.016
Smash the Windows. Dal.104
Soldiers Fear. Dal.030, The
Spanish Dollar Hornpipe. Dal.147
Speed The Plough. Dalton.126
Steam Packet,aka. Dal.032
Sulphur and Saline. Dal.116
Swiss Melody. Dal.021
Syracuse Waltz. Dal.067
There is no #64. Dal.064
Trip It Up Stairs. Dal.115
Trip To The Meadows. Dal.133
Triumph. Dal.039, The
Triumph. Dal.112, The
Untitled in ms. Dal.018
Waltz. Dal.037
Waltz. Dal.060
Waltz. Dal.071, A
Waltz. Dal.087
Waltz. Dal.091, A
Waltz. Dal.148
Waterloo Dance. Dal.041
Wave. Dal.048, The
We Fly By Night. Dal.028
We've Lived and Loved Together. Dal.055
Within a Mile of Edinburgh. Dal.026
Woodman Spare that Tree. Dal.045
Yellow Haired Laddie. Dal.017, The

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