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ANONYMOUS MS#1 in the COCKS Collection

On the green cover it has the following inscriptions:-
an old sticker, in pen = "27"
a new sticker,in ballpen, under sellotape = "MU39"
inside the cover:-
an exlibris bookplate = William Alfred Cocks
and written on that in pencil? "ZAN MB 1/2"

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VMP code suffix CAM1.

Transcribed into ABC Music Notation by Mike Hicks

From the notes on the manuscript by Matt Seattle and taken from the Farne website:-

This tune book is part of the Cocks Collection and is now in the Northumberland Record Office at Gosforth, with photocopies at the Black Gate and Morpeth Chantry. The book is a real miscellany of styles, and covers the gamut of 19th century light music. It is anonymous, and evidently the work of several different hands, but nevertheless has some traditional items of interest, including some rare and unique tunes. Only a selection is given here, with the 'ballroom' material omitted.

 Collection description : 19th century tune book collected by W.A. Cocks.

Period : 1801-1840 ; 1841-1860 ; 1861-1900

Height : 31 cm

Width : 23 cm

Held by : Gosforth Records Office

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