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From Kent's Original London Directory 1823:-

    Blackman W. music-seller & publisher, 5 Bridge Street Southwark Blackman Wm.plumber and water-closet maker, 16 Old Broad Street Blackman Wm.stationer and music seller, 15 Union Street, Borough

From Flute Ark:-

    Music seller and instrument maker in London, England, c1810-45.

Amazon :-

    The Selector, or New Musical Pocket Companion. A choice collection of ... songs, marches, waltzes, quadrilles and popular airs, with variations ... selected ... ... for the German flute or flageolet. bk. 2. (not available)


    Blackman, W. A Southwark music seller living at 15, Union Street, who about 1810-15 was in a small way of business and issued sheet music. This includes a "New and improved Edition of Popular Songs, price 6d singly or 1/- per sheet," " Black Ey'd Susan," and " The Arethusa," being Nos. 4 and 6. His best known publication is "The Harmonic Cabinet or Kentish Harmony," or "The Harmonic Cabinet or Vocal Harmonist in Miniature," or "Kentish Harmony," for editions appear under all these three titles. The book is a neat well engraved work in six small square shaped volumes. One edition bears the date 1821, and another, being later, instead of the Union Street address is " published by W. Blackman, Music Seller, 5, Bridge Street Borough " ; this is about 1832 in date. The Directories give him at this latter address in 1823, 1825, etc. Blackman. W. Blackman was followed by J. & S. Blackman, musical instrument manufacturers, 5, Bridge Street, Southwark, this was about 1845.- About five years later the address was 93, Blackfriar's Road.

From A Yankee Musician in Europe, the 1837 journals of Lowell Mason:-

    WB was located at 15 Union St Southwark from ca1810-22 and 5 Bridge St from ca 1822-45

Blackman's Selection of Hornpipes.

Transcribed into ABC Music Notation for The Village Music Project by Peter Dunk

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A Selection of the most favorite Hornpipes for the Violin. NB. Most of these Hornpipes are within the Compass of the Flute. Ent.St.Hall. Price 1s London. Published by W. Blackman, Music Seller. 15 Union Strt. Southwark. File:Blackman's Hornpipes.



Astley's Hornpipe 6

Bang Up Hornpipe 10

Brochman's Hornpipe 12

College Hornpipe 1

Cooper's Hornpipe 10

Cookoo's Nest, The 16

Eclipse Hornpipe 11

Ferguson's Hornpipe 13

Fisher's Hornpipe 4

Flowers of Edinburgh 12

Harlequin's Hornpipe 5

Hopkin's Hornpipe 2

Jones's Hornpipe 15

Jubilee Hornpipe 15

Richards's Hornpipe 14

Richer's Hornpipe 1

Logier's Hornpipe 14

Lord St. Vincent's Hornpipe 13

Miss Baker's Hornpipe 8

Miss Booth's Hornpipe 2

Miss Garton's Favourite Hornpipe 5

Miss Menage's Hornpipe 3

Miss Worgman's 4

Morpeth Rant 9

Mr. Bologna's Hornpipe 7

Mrs. Clark's Hornpipe 9

Nelson's Hornpipe 8

New Clog Hornpipe, The 16

Richard's Hornpipe 14

Richer's Hornpipe 1

Sir Home Popham's Hornpipe 6

Steamboat Hornpipe 11

Stoney Steps 7

Wood's Hornpipe 3

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