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PO Directory 1808:-

Alexander J Music seller and musical instrument maker 70 Leadenhall Street and at the Manufactory, Moorfields.


Alexander, James. A music engraver whose name is found on sheet music. He was possibly the same with a well known flute player. In 1822 and later he was at 101, Leadenhall Street, from here he published a pretty miniature volume "Sacred Melodies for the flute, violin, flageolet, or Kent bugle... London, published and sold by J. Alexander, 101, Leadenhall Street," circa 1830, also "The Flowers of Emerald Isle," in 8 numbers, small square quarto.

Alexander's 50 New Scotch & Irish Reels and Hornpipes

Arranged for the Violin or Flute by an Eminent Professor. ca1822-30 Ent.Sta.Hall. price 1s. London, Published by J.Alexander, 101 Leadenhall Strt. & may be had at Mr. Kennedy's, 364 Oxford St.

Transcribed into ABC for the VMP by Peter Dunk

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Index of tunes :-

Behind the Bush in the Garden 22

Biddy Brading 23

Black Water Fall, The 3

Blue Ribon, The 15

Blueskin's Hornpipe 17

Bonnie Ann 16

Bonnie Lads 10

Cammaronian Reel 12

Captain McBanes Reel 15

Captain McCloude's Reel 2

Captain McDuff 6

Drowsy Maggie 19

Dusty Bob 14

Good Morning to Your Night Cap 19

Hills of Bonnie Down, The 24

Islander's Rant, The 21

Jack Sheppard's Hornpipe 1

Johney McGregger 18

Kitty in the Lane 22

Lady Ancrain's Hornpipe 4

Lady Bateson's Reel 7

Lady Bateman's Hornpipe 21

Lady Douglas's Reel 9

Lady George Sackvill's Hornpipe 20

Lady Harrington's Reel 17

Lady Johnstone's Reel 6

Lady Mary Drummond's Reel 9

Lady Montgomery's Reel 14

Liverpool Hornpipe, The 13

Lord Camden's Hornpipe 20

Lord Eglinton's Hornpipe 4

Lord John Murray's Reel 10

Lowlander's Hunt, The 11

Madame Grazi's Hornpipe 8

Marquis of Huntly's Reel, The 7

Miller of Drone, The 18

Miss Campbell's Reel 3

Miss Johnstone's Reel 8

Morrish Donnivan's Reel 1

Mrs. O'Sullivan's Hornpipe 5

Northumberland Hornpipe, The 12

O'er Young to Marry Yet 11

Paddy McNamara's Reel 5

Reel of Tulloch-Gorum 13

Ryan's Rant 22

Scotchman's Garter, The 2

Second Wellington 23

Sir Charles Sedley's Reel 16

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